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Making asynchronous network calls
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<session> <description>Example</description> <ejb-name>User</ejb-name> <home>UserHome</home> <remote>User</remote>
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This work puts commands on the displays, but it does not allow the application to handle the events generated when the customer initiates other actions. To handle other events, other listeners must be established and registered with the appropriate Displayable object. What actions should occur when the customer triggers the various events associated with each command Earlier in this chapter, we simply put together the various user interfaces but did not provide customer triggered navigation. Now that we have the ability to allow the user to trigger actions through commands, we will want to reconfigure our user interface displays. Figure 5.28 depicts what navigation we expect to occur when the user presses the various commands. Both the ObtainQuote and RetrieveQuote MIDlets can make use of the EntryForm class to get the investment symbol from the user. In the case of the ObtainQuote MIDlet, we expect the application to use the symbol to obtain a new quote from the quote service and display the results in the results alert we developed earlier. In the case of the RetrieveQuote MIDlet, the symbol will be used to obtain the last prices from persistent storage to be displayed graphically in the ChartCanvas display. The exit command on the entry form used by either the ObtainQuote or RetrieveQuote MIDlets, should close down the MIDlet gracefully, allowing the customer to return to the application menu. The exit command on the chart canvas returns application control back to the EntryForm object of the RetrieveQuote MIDlet. This allows the customer to retrieve other historical quotes.
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exposing events 277 handling events 277 initialization 274 275, 453 initialize method 269 instantiation 45 lifecycle 268 269, 271 nonvisual 267 268 passing references 275 trivial 270 visual 267 268, 279 280, 287 component model 38, 92 270 ComponentReference attribute 346 components client hierarchy 267 element 376, 382 CompositeControl class 322 compression 455 ConditionAnimation class 358 ConfirmPostBack action 396 confirmPostBackAction element 397 constructor 79, 81 82, 90, 285, 457 concatenating name 446 container 474 component model 269 270 using as associated element 292 container element 474 contains method 61 ContentTemplate 201 202 ContentTemplateContainer property 203 Content-Type 241 context 56 57 context object 58 drag and drop 418 contract defined by interface 99 control 287 297 accessing 289 creating 288 definition 267 describing 304 305 element 380 empty 287 ID 289 instantiating on the client side 301 lifecycle 296
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14.2.2 Reading sensor values
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exit main();
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In each pass through the loop in the example, an element is plucked from the source sequence, converted into a string, and added to the destination sequence, cards.
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Implement IComparable
<fileset dir="${dist.bin.dir}/.."> <include name="bin/*.sh"/> <include name="bin/*.pl"/> <include name="bin/*.bat"/> </fileset>
private void buildIndex(FullTextSession session, Transaction tx) { for (int x = 0; x < descs.length; x++) { Dvd dvd = new Dvd(); dvd.setDescription(descs[x]); dvd.setId(x);; } tx.commit(); session.clear(); } } description:salesman
FontMapper mapper = new DefaultFontMapper(); Graphics2D g2d = cb.createGraphics(width, height, mapper);
But what object could we use as the identifier when we called load() or get() It s possible to use an instance of the User; for example:
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