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In listing 3.11 we create two Mammal objects, but here s the clever part: we store one of them as an Animal. Even though Animal is abstract and we can t create Animal objects themselves, we can still reference its subclasses, such as Mammal, as Animal objects. That s the power of polymorphism. Here s a quiz question: after printing both Mammal objects, we call getName() on the object typed as an Animal. The getName() function exists in both Mammal and its parent superclass, Animal. So what will it return: Mammal, which is the type it truly is, or Animal, the type it s being stored as The answer is Mammal. Because JavaFX functions are virtual, the subclass redefinition of getName() replaces the original in the parent class, even when the object is referenced by way of its parent type.
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As you learned in chapter 13, SQL Azure is a relational database, so you would use a typical relational model to store the data. Figure 14.2 shows a database diagram for the Hawaiian Shirt Shop website in SQL Azure. In figure 14.2 you can see that the data for each of the drop-down lists (size types and materials) is currently stored in their own tables. As of yet, we haven t defined any
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Figure 4.15 TeamCity doesn t impose an angle-bracket tax for most tasks. The entire configuration process runs in a comfortable UI. You re starting with a new project.
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One of the problems with HQL is testing the query to make sure it works. This is typically a problem when you re new to HQL or trying out new features. Hibern8IDE provides a simple interface to your mapping definitions and an HQL console for executing queries interactively. (Of course, you ll also want to add unit tests to your code base for repeatability.) Hibern8IDE loads the Hibernate configuration file (either hibernate.cfg.xml or hibernate.properties) and the mapping definitions for your persistent objects. Once you have loaded the configuration file and mapping definitions, you can enter HQL queries in the HQL Commander tab. Hibern8IDE also supports executing named queries defined in the mapping documents. After you execute a query, the results are presented in a table that you can browse to ensure the correct objects and properties are returned. Hibern8IDE is designed to be used from the command line, but you can also start it from an Ant build file:
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When you define miter joins, and two line segments meet at a sharp angle, it s possible for the miter to extend far beyond the thickness of the line stroke. If is the angle between both line segments, the miter limit equals the line width divided by sin( /2). You can define a maximum value for the ratio of the miter length to the line width. This maximum is called the miter limit. When this limit is exceeded, the join is converted from a miter to a bevel. Figure 14.3 shows two rows of hooks that were drawn using the same PdfTemplate object hooks. The angle of the hooks decreases from left to right. In spite of the fact that the PDF syntax to draw the hooks is identical, the appearance of the third hook is different when comparing both lines because of the different miter limit:
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Bean-managed transactions
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <resources> <string name="app_name">Where Do You Live</string> </resources>
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<target name="do-ant" depends="do-common"> <ant dir="ant" target="${target}" inheritAll="false"/> </target> <target name="do-index" depends="do-ant"> <ant dir="index" target="${target}" inheritAll="false"/> </target> <target name="do-common-test" depends="do-index,do-common"> <ant dir="common" antfile="common-test.xml" target="${target}" inheritAll="false"/> </target> <target name="do-tools" depends="do-common,do-index,do-common-test"> <ant dir="tools" target="${target}" inheritAll="false"/> </target> <target name="do-webapp" depends="do-common,do-index,do-common-test"> <ant dir="webapp" target="${target}" inheritAll="false"/> </target> <target name="do-all" depends="do-tools,do-common-test,do-webapp"/>
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Script controls
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Home methods let clients retrieve information about entity data without returning an instance of the entity bean. When declaring home methods in the home interface, keep in mind that the name of the method must not start with create, remove, or find. Home methods are designed to operate over the entire set of entity data represented by the bean class. As opposed to returning information about the number of symbols (getCountOfSymbols()), you could apply a change to the entire set of data. For example, an entire set of bank account data could be credited with an amount of data. Home methods are meant to be convenience methods used in place of retrieving the entire set of data to make changes across the whole set.
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Good ORM software comes bundled with a set of tools, and so does Hibernate. In this chapter, we ll discuss the Hibernate toolset. These tools can automatically generate mapping metadata, SQL database schemas, and even Java POJO source code. However, you have to use the right tool for your specific development process.
At this point you may be wondering why so much attention is being paid to portability and compatibility issues when the Java mantra is write once, run anywhere. Why should there be any compatibility issues WORA is not automatic when implementing Java applications on devices. Largely, this is why J2ME came into existence. The J2ME architecture leverages the Java programming language to enhance portability across a wide range of devices with different capabilities and needs. It is important to note that the Java language itself is not modified, only the Virtual Machine characteristics as described by the CDC and CLDC configurations. The compatibility issues mainly come into play when different device capabilities must be dealt with. Different device capabilities are handled through different profiles in J2ME. As a result, devices that support different profiles may incur compatibility problems. However, WORA problems encountered within the same profile running on different devices are an issue of how a particular profile has been implemented on the devices.
Rendering the output Now we need JSPs. We could develop one enormous JSP with a bunch of control structures in it. Such a page could handle the two output formats and two locales in our example, but it would be quite complex and difficult to maintain over time. Such a page would hardly be independent of the data either. We could develop two JSPs instead. One would produce HTML and the other WML. If the page layout does not change across locales, we could put selection logic for all the locale-specific text and images into our custom tag. But, we would still have to deal with the locales with branching statements.
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