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If (LocateLicenseDialog.ShowDialog( ) <> _ Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK) Then Return ' ----- Store the new path. My.Settings.LicenseFileLocation = _ LocateLicenseDialog.FileName LocationModified = True ' ----- Update the display. DisplayLicenseStatus( ) LicensePath.Text = My.Settings.LicenseFileLocation End Sub
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13.3 Naming conventions barcode generator smart phone
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11.1.1 The use case for Session propagation
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Coping with complex data As I just mentioned, when we first think about how the user will manage the hyperlink data within the FavoritesWebPart we would probably envisage the data automatically appearing within the standard PropertyGridEditorPart as we discussed in chapter 5 when we learned about the EditorZone and its editor parts. From that chapter you will remember that personalization properties can be added to the PropertyGridEditorPart simply by marking them with the WebBrowsable attribute as shown in the following code snippet. Figure 7.3 shows how a custom property named data appears when displayed in the PropertyGridEditorPart. The following snippet of code shows how the WebBrowsable attribute is applied to the property to ensure that it appears within the editor part:
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Continuous integration w ith CruiseControl.N ET
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If you re familiar with iBATIS for Java, then the configuration file in listing A.1 should look somewhat familiar. It begins with a declaration of providers, which are included configurations for various database drivers. The ADO.NET database driver model requires a bit more initial setup than JDBC does. That configuration is contained within the providers.config file, which is included with the iBATIS.NET distribution. Notice that the database connectivity configuration is quite different. It goes without saying that iBATIS.NET makes use of ADO.NET, whereas Java uses JDBC. Each of these low-level APIs uses different driver models and different connection strings hence the difference in the structure of this part of the XML. However, the configuration file maintains its simplicity. Usually, you need only specify the provider, a data source name, and a connection string. The provider tells iBATIS which kind of database you are connecting to. Providers are pluggable components of iBATIS.NET, and there is one for each database type supported. However, you might want to look in providers.config and disable or remove any providers that you don t have drivers for; otherwise, you ll get an error if you try to run the application without them. The database name and connection string set up a database connection using the credentials and other information that you provide (e.g., username and password). If you re used to Java, this is not unlike a typical JDBC connection URL. The last part of the configuration file is the <sqlMaps> stanza, which lists all of the SQL mapping files that contain the SQL statements, result maps, and other iBATIS elements. In this example, we have only one mapping file, which is called Employee.xml. As you ve probably noticed, these examples all make use of the Northwind database included with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. This database is popular for sample code such as that listed throughout this appendix.
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Open MasterPage.master in Source view and locate the TreeView control. Comment it out and replace it with a Menu control:
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sessionFactory.openSession(myCo nnection). The max_lo option defines
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Two tables are joined to eagerly fetch associated rows.
SchemaExport (hbm2ddl)
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List<FileNameGroup> filesGroupedByName = InspectDirectories(recurseIntoSubdirectories, directoriesToSearch); DisplayMatches(foundFiles); Console.ReadKey();
public class ShoppingCartOperator { public static void addShoppingCartItem(ShoppingCart sc, Inventory inventory, Item item) { inventory.removeItem(item); sc.addItem(item); }
It is tempting to use a document-level style either to set the styles for that page or to override the general styles for the entire site. This can be effective, but tends to be hard to maintain. Experience shows that collecting styles into a set of external style sheets, even if some styles are targeted at a subset of pages (where that subset could be as small as a single page) tends to be far easier to maintain in the long term.
<xi:include href= afile.xml#xpointer( XPath expression ) parse= xml />
Finally, you must perform the vendor-specific steps to assign the bean to an actual JMS message destination. The deployment XML describes only the type of messaging used by the message-driven bean, not the actual name of a topic or queue. Consult your application server documentation for more information. For example, the following XML could be used for the Weblogic application server:
Hibernate mapping metadata has many more options, most of which are related to reverse engineering, as to how XML mapping files, Java code, or even whole application skeletons can be generated automatically from an existing database schema. We ll first show you how to write an Ant target that can load an existing database into a Hibernate metadata model. Next, you ll apply various exporters and produce XML files, Java code, and other useful artifacts from the database tables and columns.
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