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Figure 1.2 A detailed search screen exposes advanced and fine-grained functionalities to the user interface. This strategy doesn t fit beginners very well.
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/** * {@inheritDoc} * @see org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch15.secureschool.api.SecureSchoolLocal Business#openServiceDoor() */ @RolesAllowed( {Roles.ADMIN, Roles.JANITOR}) // Students cannot open this door @Override public void openServiceDoor() { log.info("Opening service door for: " + context.getCallerPrincipal().get Name()); } /** * {@inheritDoc} * @see org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch15.secureschool.api.SecureSchoolLocal Business#close() */ @RolesAllowed(Roles.ADMIN) // Only let admins open and close the school
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Query ejbQuery = em.createQuery("select u from User u");
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public void createPdf(String filename) throws IOException, DocumentException { ... BaseFont bf = BaseFont.createFont(
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SELECT SUM( o.totalAmount ) FROM ProductOrder o
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5: Validation
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Table 6.2 Case study data files
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LINQ for ADO.NET-Related Data
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60,000 ms per the documentation) can wear down the battery and make the application too jittery. In this sample you use an extremely low value (3,000 ms) for debugging purposes. Long-lived or always-running code shouldn t use a value lower than the recommended 60,000 ms in production code. With LocationManager, LocationProvider, and LocationListener instances in place, we can address the MapActivity and MapView in more detail.
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Hey, this is only chapter 1 after all!
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The primary difference between a regular @ManyToOne and this mapping is the number of columns involved again, the order is important and should be the same as the order of the primary key columns. However, if you declare the referencedColumnName for each column, order isn t important, and both the source and target tables of the foreign key constraint can have different column names. The inverse mapping from User to Item with a collection is even more straightforward:
Each of these options impacts how the related entities are handled when an entity operation is performed. For example, when set to ALL, the persistence provider will try each operation (persist, merge, refresh, etc.) on the target entity. These may result in unnecessary database operations when you have several associated entities, and each of the operations is cascaded. So when setting the cascade property, take into account the needs of your applications. Bulk updates Your application may require changes to multiple entities within one transaction. You may wish to retrieve a collection of entities and iterate through each to make changes. If we want to give Gold status to all Sellers who have been members of ActionBazaar for longer than five years, we can do it like this:
Although you can pass arguments into a lambda expression, you may also use other variables that are within the scope of the lambda expression.
The Quantize() method sets the number of colors in an image to the number specified by the colors attribute. If that number is larger than the actual number, and the color space specified can contain all the current colors, no action is performed. If the number of colors specified is smaller than the current number of colors, the color map will be intelligently resized to the new number. The color space is one of RGB, Gray, Transparent, OHTA, XYZ, YCbCr, YIQ, YPbPr, YUV, or CMYK. If the argument global_colormap is set to a true value, then all images in the object will share the same color palette. If measure_error is set to a true value, then the image s mean, normalized_max and normalized_mean attributes will be set to values that can be used to judge how much information was lost.
Figure A.13 The IEDocMon toolbar for Internet Explorer provides functionality similar to the Firefox DOM Inspector, allowing for rapid resolution of rendering issues with programmatically generated user interfaces.
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FROM entityName [AS] identificationVariable
While viewing the page in the browser, we can see that what was seemingly a large mess of CSS and HTML has become the basis for our portal. Notice also that the base layout logic which we put into the master page has merged seamlessly with the content we put into the content page. The left panel in the content section of the page is where the web parts will live, whereas the right panel will contain the editor zone for managing the properties of web parts and the catalog zone, so that users can choose which parts to add or remove from their page. Of course, before we go ahead and add those elements to the page, we must add the WebPartManager control to the page and ensure that it is the first web part control in the control hierarchy. After adding the WebPartManager to the content page, we can go ahead and add two WebPartZones, an EditorZone and a CatalogZone. After adding those controls, the page should now look similar to figure A.3 when it is displayed in design mode within the Visual Studio Editor. Figure A.3 shows the Default.aspx page with some added text and some static links into the right side panel to give a more complete effect.
C. The Solution Explorer All files related to your project appear here. For the current project, you will see only the My Project entry and an entry for the form, Form1.vb. There are actually more files. If you click the second button from the left at the top of the Solution Explorer, it will show you additional files, most of which are managed by Visual Studio on your behalf. D. The Properties panel When you select a control on your form surface, or the form surface itself, or an item in the Solution Explorer, the properties of the selected item appear in this area. You can alter the settings of many properties by typing in the new setting. Some properties include special tools to assist you in setting the property value. If you haven t done so already, open the form Form1.vb in design view by doubleclicking it in the Solution Explorer. We ll add eight text labels, three shape and line elements, two web-style hyperlinks, a command button, and a picture to the form s surface. I ve already added the picture to the form for you, with an image of some books, naming it SideImage. Set up the form by adjusting the following properties from their defaults. Click on the form surface, and then modify these property values using the Properties panel.
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