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member variables, top and left. That s the basic part; after that, it gets interesting. We ll analyze the rest of the program in detail in the following sections.
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The object created by sending the alloc message to the UITextView class object is then initialized. (We ll get to class objects in just a moment.) When you re passing a color as an argument, you almost always do so by nesting a call to the UIColor class object:
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Einstein said, Keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler. The AspectJ concepts and constructs presented in this and the previous chapter are consistent with this advice. You can start writing crosscutting implementations of moderate complexity without using the advanced concepts presented in this chapter; however, you may eventually face situations that require the use of these more advanced constructs to simplify your implementation significantly. The reflection support in AspectJ provides access to the join point s static and dynamic information through a small number of interfaces. This information can be used in logging to gain more insight into the system s inner workings. The dynamic and static information together can produce an enriched log output with a simple logging aspect. Aspect-precedence control and aspect-association choices help manage complexity in systems that have a large number of aspects. As you begin to realize the benefits of aspect-oriented programming, you may find that you are implementing more aspects to handle typical crosscutting concerns that affect the same parts of the system, such as authorization and transaction management. Aspect precedence will help you coordinate these aspects so that they function correctly. The design and implementation of off-the-shelf reusable aspects will also benefit from the aspect-association feature. Developers will now be able to
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the database (or vice versa). To do this, you call Hibernate s persistence manager and query interfaces. When interacting with the persistence mechanism that way, it s necessary for the application to concern itself with the state and lifecycle of an object with respect to persistence. We ll refer to this as the persistence lifecycle. Different ORM implementations use different terminology and define different states and state transitions for the persistence lifecycle. Moreover, the object states used internally might be different from those exposed to the client application. Hibernate defines only three states, hiding the complexity of its internal implementation from the client code. In this section, we explain these three states: transient, persistent, and detached. Let s look at these states and their transitions in a state chart, shown in figure 4.1. You can also see the method calls to the persistence manager that trigger transitions. We discuss this chart in this section; refer to it later whenever you need an overview. In its lifecycle, an object can transition from a transient object to a persistent object to a detached object. Let s take a closer look at each of these states.
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public class Category { private Long id; ... public Long getId() { return this.id; } private void setId(Long id) { this.id = id; } ... }
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Add the verbs to a collection and return them
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There are also some rather uncommon ones, listed in Table 10-2. In general, you don t need to worry about them, but they are quite interesting.
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Second, you can load an event handler through JavaScript:
Generating a PDF from a JSP page
static IEnumerable<string> AddNumbers(IEnumerable<string> names) { int i = 0; foreach (string currentName in names) { yield return string.Format("{0}: {1}", i, currentName); i += 1; } }
some persistence providers will have vendor-specific extensions to use pessimistic locking.
Organization with areas
When you run an Azure application locally, Visual Studio starts the development fabric and storage services, and then launches the application. Part of this process includes removing old temporary files and packaging the project to be deployed to the local services. After the services are loaded, you can run their UIs to see what s happening in the local environment. Right-click the icon in the system tray and select Show Development Fabric UI. Each time you run your application, a new deployment is created, each with a successive number. Other deployments from your applications might show up in the UI, in addition to the one you re currently running. The UI lists the deployments in the left panel. Each deployment displays the details of that service, as well as a list of the different roles and their instances that are
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