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Not only is this code much less self-documenting than the alternative with named parameters, it s also much more vulnerable to easy breakage if we change the query string slightly:
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In the map of Foobar, you have icons of movie theaters, but you may want to add extra information, such as the theater name, address, and so on. Figure 15.5 shows different movie posters with the names of the directors added. The properties of each poster in figure 15.5 are shown in the Model Tree panel. This panel is opened if you activate the object data tool by selecting Tools > Analysis > Object Data Tool in the menu. You can check whether this tool is activated by looking at the Analysis toolbar; if it is, there will be an icon with a page, an information symbol, and a crosshair. If this option is selected, you can click a poster of a movie. When a poster is clicked, the Model Tree panel will open. In this case, there are seven sets of object data, named director1 to director7, one for each director who has a poster in the PDF. In figure 15.5, one of the six posters of movies by Akira Kurosawa has been clicked on, so director2 is selected. You can see more information about this entry in the lower panel:
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Figure 9.7 In OpenGL, a perspective is made up of a viewpoint and near (N), far (F), left (L), right (R), top (T), and bottom (B) clipping planes.
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The iPhone OS s methods
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The drag-and-drop engine
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Message-Driven Beans (MDBs)
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(src); List<HashMap<String,Object>> list = SimpleBookmark.getBookmark(reader); SimpleBookmark.exportToXML(list, new FileOutputStream(dest), "ISO8859-1", true);
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Tests an equals-true
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Table schema
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The goal of a messaging system is to make sure you never lose a message. No matter how small or large, you never want to lose an order, or a set of instructions, or anything else you might be processing. To avoid complexity, it s best to make sure your processing code is idempotent. Idempotent means that the process can be executed several times and the system will
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<many-to-one name="billingDetails" class="BillingDetails" column="BILLING_DETAILS_ID" cascade="save-update"/>
To round off our discussion of many-to-many relationships, listing 7.9 shows how the Item-Category relationship might look.
Parsing Complete
2.9 Specifying security roles in the bean source 7.1 Finding the identity and role of the caller inside an EJB method 7.3 Passing client credentials to the EJB container 7.4 Disabling methods for certain users
Table 9.6 <property> tag attributes The name of the property being set The value of the property being set
Joe is putting out the fire! Training the hose on the fire. The fire is going out. Bill is putting out the fire! Training the hose on the fire. The fire is going out.
Preparing our build file The first step in our build process is to name the endpoint, the URL of the service that we will call. We will use one of the services offered by xmethods (http:// xmethods.net), a service that provides a stock quote. First, we set a property to point to the WSDL file of the service:
Typically, you ll want to define your own constructor and provide it with arguments so that the constructor can set the initial state for your object. In Example 7-3, you ll pass in some initial values for Box so that the object is created with meaningful data. You declare a constructor like you do any other member method, except: The name of the constructor must be the same as the name of the class. Constructors have no return type (not even void). If there are arguments to be passed, you define an argument list just as you would for any other method. Example 7-3 declares a constructor for the Box class that accepts three arguments, one each for the length, width, and height for the new Box object you are creating.
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