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Unfortunately, events won t work quite as you d expect on the iPhone. Much of this goes back to one of the unique iPhone features that we discussed in chapter 1: its input device. Most specifically, it s important to remember that the finger is not a mouse. Because a finger may or may not be on the screen at any time, your web page suddenly becomes stateless; you can no longer depend on events that presume that the mouse always moves from point A to point B through all the space in-between. The statelessness of iPhone events causes two traditional categories of events to fail on the iPhone: drags and hovers. Thus, you can no longer allow click and drag (because the iPhone instead uses that gesture for its scrolling) and you can no longer test when the mouse moves over an area (because it doesn t). The loss of these events is going to affect the way you program using both CSS and JavaScript. In CSS your biggest problem will be with hover styles, which will of course no longer appear, but in all likelihood that won t be a major issue for your web pages. In JavaScript these differences in input cause several specific events to work either differently or not at all, as detailed in table 3.3 (but we also suggest looking at
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If you prefer to work in Source view rather than Design view, you can enlist IntelliSense to help you find both the properties and events for any given control. As you press the spacebar, the list of members for the control will be displayed. As you type,
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Analyzing the results
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Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim
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Here we set the first parameter in position 1 to 100.00. This is the lower limit of the range in our query. The upper limit is loaded by setting the parameter in position 2 to 200.00.
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3: Snappier Web Sites with AJAX
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public abstract class GenericSecurityFilter implements Filter { protected String rejectUrl=null; public void init(FilterConfig config) throws ServletException { rejectUrl=config.getInitParameter("rejectUrl"); Configure reject URL }
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The Hibernate interfaces
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Memento Pattern |
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String, boolean, and entity object types cannot be used in arithmetic operations. For example, using the addition operator with two String values is considered an illegal operation. There is a special function for concatenating String values, covered in
E CreditCard subclass
To complete the examples shown in this chapter you will need version 2.0.50727 of the Atlas .dll. This can be obtained by running the ASPNETAtlas.vsi file from the chapter 10 section of the resources website for this book. This version of Atlas may be superseded in the near future as it is still regarded as a beta release. Check the http://atlas.asp.net developer center for information about the current release version of Atlas.
Listing 6.10 Notifications sample page
22: Licensing Your Application
Opening files
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