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In its simplest form, business rule implementation may involve code written in a general-purpose language such as Java. These implementations usually take the form of a series of if-then statements. Evaluating the business rules then requires that you evaluate all of these statements and take the associated action. The most common way to implement business rules is to use a rule engine. Rule engines can significantly improve the process by separating the rule evaluations from rule invocations. Further, some engines allow a simpler way to express rules, using either a GUI or English-like language instead of expressing them using a programming language. This lets the nonprogrammer domain experts build the rules themselves. Business rule implementation is common enough in enterprises that a Java Specification Request (JSR 94) for the Java Rule Engine API exists (currently in public review stage). This JSR is expected to come with a standard API to interact with rule engines. There are also several projects in development, such as RuleML and Simple Rule Markup Language (SRML), to formulate a common XML-based language for expressing rules. With these projects, we will have a common API to interact with the rule engine and a common language to express business rules, eliminating some barriers in effectively using rule engines. In this chapter, we examine the use of AspectJ in modularizing business rule implementation. We first show you how to use plain Java for implementing rules, and we then use an engine to implement the same rules. In both cases, the use of AspectJ cleanly separates the rule implementation from the core business logic.
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We covered a lot of material in this chapter. Congratulations on making it through. You re now well positioned to dive into each subtopic in more depth. Now that you have the big picture, you can see that programming pages with the MVC pattern is quite a bit different from programming with Web Forms. You ve seen that the first difference is the added simplicity. In this chapter, you learned how to create a project, add controllers and views, work with models and strongly typed view data, and use the PRG pattern. You learned how to deal with user input, how to leverage model binding, and how to use TempData to stash data for a single round-trip to access it later. Phew! The rest of the book will contain much more focused chapters in order to give you a deep understanding of each concept in the book. Let s begin this journey with an indepth look at the presentation model. Both controllers and views depend on the shape of the presentation model used; therefore, a firm understanding in this area will serve you well. Read on.
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Include all .java files below the test directory that end with the word Test ( 4 will elaborate on this particular usage.):
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Pool.MaximumIdleConnections This specifies the maximum number of idle connections that are to be in the connection pool. Pool.MaximumWait This specifies the maximum time (in milliseconds) to
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Example A-19. One solution to Exercise 8-2
font. But there s an easier way; you can use the FontSelector class to do this work for you.
The property attribute, in this case, refers to the get_element method, which returns the associated DOM element. The value of the propertyKey attribute is appended to the object returned by get_element, and the result is the property to set. This causes the background color of the span element to become yellow. Figure 11.4 shows the example in listing 11.5 running in Firefox. Did you see any JavaScript code in listing 11.5 With actions, you can wrap any kind of JavaScript code and execute it
Data filtering and interception
public Collection findHighPricedLowPE(double minPrice,double PE) throws FinderException, RemoteException; }
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