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Figure 5.15 as easily.
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public enum UserType {SELLER, BIDDER, CSR, ADMIN};
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Strings within the actual PhoneNumber
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10.4.1 Object creation We talked earlier about how to define classes, but as we said at the time the specifics of how instance objects are created from classes depend on the implementation of your framework. In the iPhone OS it s the NSObject that defines how object creation works. You re going to meet a few different interfaces that are used to support object creation, but they all ultimately fall back to a two-step procedure that uses the alloc class method and the init instance method. The alloc method allocates the memory for your object, and then returns the object itself. The init method then sets some initial variables in that method. They usually occur through a single, nested message:
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class TraineeFirefighter : Firefighter { private bool hoseTrainedOnFire; protected override void TurnOnHose() { if (hoseTrainedOnFire) { Console.WriteLine("The fire is going out."); }
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It maintains a list of Trademarks to pick out, and has a HighlightTrademarks method that does the actual work. Notice that it is coupled only to the Document it knows nothing about our processor infrastructure. Neither have we burned our base; we didn t have to inherit from any particular class to fit in with the processor framework, leaving it free for, say, our forthcoming highlighter framework. Example 5-11 shows how we add it to our configuration code.
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2.5.3 Expanding your horizons
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Now that you ve created the UITextField subclass with a custom accessory view, you need to use it in the code. Just as with any other view, you can use two approaches for implementation. You can either initialize the custom text field programmatically, adding it as a subview, or you can implement it using Interface Builder. We ll discuss the latter.
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| 2: Visual Studio 2008 and C# Express 2008
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private BitSet getAllPositiveBitSet(int maxDoc) { BitSet bitSet = new BitSet( maxDoc ); bitSet.set( 0, maxDoc - 1 ); New BitSet return bitSet; with all bits on }
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Because the relationship is unidirectional, there are no owning or inverse sides, and we may omit the mappedBy attribute of @ManyToMany. Usage is similar to what we ve already seen:
Creating advanced view controllers
Common logging idioms
elapsedSeconds / 60
Ajax portal showing windows with different positions
Implementing an Interface |
Console.prototype.clear=function(){ while(this.el.firstChild){ this.el.removeChild(this.el.firstChild); } }
From this point, accessing a ContentProvider is similar to using Structured Query Language (SQL) in other platforms, though a complete SQL statement isn t employed. A query is submitted to the ContentProvider, including the columns
Listing 5.11 Instantiate the Employee class on the client, and pass it to a PageMethod.
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