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Memento Pattern |
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Domain models and metadata
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2: Building Web Applications |
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The HTML markup contains a span element, which is associated to the label control in the XML Script code. In the label is a binding B in which the source and the target property are the same. Because the binding is added to the bindings collection of the label, the target is the label itself. In addition, the data context is set to the label control. The transformer to use is specified in the transform attribute of the binding tag. It s a JavaScript function that handles the transform event that a Binding object raises before setting the value of the target property. This event gives external objects a chance to modify the value of the target property based on the value of the source property. The function that handles the transform event is called the transformer. In listing 11.14, you use the Add transformer, which is one of the built-in transformers available as methods of the Sys.Preview.BindingBase.Transformers object. The Add transformer returns the value of the source property incremented by one. Note that in the binding tag, the automatic attribute is set to false. This means the binding is evaluated only when you explicitly call the evaluateIn or evaluateOut method. The default value for the automatic property is true, which means the binding is evaluated automatically every time a change in one of the properties is detected. In this case, the evaluation method to call is determined by the value of the direction property. The code introduces a new and useful component: a timer C. The timer is an instance of the Sys.Preview.Timer class. The interval attribute specifies the timer s interval, and the enabled property specifies whether the timer should be started as soon as the instance is created. When the timer s interval elapses, a tick event is raised. In listing 11.14, you handle the tick event with an InvokeMethod action D that calls the evaluateIn method of the binding. The new value of the counter is explicitly computed on every tick and then displayed in the label. The Add transformer is just one of the many built-in transformers available. In the next section, we ll look at the other transformers and show you a couple of tricks and tips. We ll also explain how to create custom transformers and leverage them in XML Script.
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The first section of the target declares the task and provides the name of the implementing class that will perform the functions required of the task. The task definition is also responsible for setting up the classpath for the task. In this case, we have the necessary XDoclet JAR files (see table 2.1) in the XDoclet lib directory. The property xdoclet.lib.dir should be defined earlier in the build.xml file containing this target.
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parts. In addition, it s the WebPartManager that guarantees that when you make a single visit to a page and close a web part, the web part remains closed on the next visit to the web page. It s the WebPartManager that turns ordinary controls into GenericWebParts, that initializes connections, and that moves web parts between zones when the user drags them across a page. In short, the WebPartManager does a heck of a lot. By the end of this chapter, you ll have a respectable grasp of the WebPartManager, and be fairly adept at both working with it and customizing it. 4.1.1 A control with many hats What are the many hats a WebPartManager can wear Tracking, managing personalization, controlling lifecycle events, switching page displays, and importing and exporting web parts, to name a few. That s a stack of hats. To get some sense of the importance of the WebPartManager s role, consider the following five categories of tasks and activities that are displayed in table 4.1.
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Introduction to AOP
13.5 Declarative widgets
A transaction-management service can unify all resources, no matter of what type, and expose transaction control to you with a single standardized API. This means that you can replace the Hibernate Transaction API and use JTA directly everywhere. It s then the responsibility of the application deployer to install the application on (or with) a JTA-compatible runtime environment. This strategy moves portability concerns where they belong; the application relies on standardized Java EE interfaces, and the runtime environment has to provide an implementation. A Java EE transaction manager can enlist multiple resources in a single transaction. If you work with several databases (or more than one resource), you probably want a two-phase commit protocol to guarantee atomicity of a transaction across resource boundaries. In such a scenario, Hibernate is configured with several SessionFactorys, one for each database, and their Sessions obtain managed database connections that all participate in the same system transaction. The quality of JTA implementations is usually higher compared to simple JDBC connection pools. Application servers and stand-alone JTA providers that are modules of application servers usually have had more testing in high-end systems with a large transaction volume.
primeResult = IsPrime(23)
The <% and %> marks work just as they did in classic ASP, indicating that code falls between them (in this case, C#). The = sign immediately following the opening tag causes ASP.NET to evaluate the expression inside the tags and display the value. Run the page by pressing F5.
Since this chapter covers how to test Hibernate, we expect you to understand the basics of Hibernate. In addition, while we ll cover some basic tenets of how to write unit tests, you should have some understanding of how to do testing, either manually or automatically. We ll build on this basic knowledge to explain how Hibernate should be tested.
Lazy collections
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