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Packaging session and message-driven beans
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User user = (User) session.get(User.class, uid); BillingDetails bd = user.getBillingDetails(); System.out.println( bd instanceof CreditCard ); // prints "false" CreditCard cc = (CreditCard) bd; // ClassCastException!
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Even with JTA, the separation of the transaction concern from the core concern cannot be achieved when you are using a purely object-oriented approach. This is because the calls to the creation, commit, and rollback of transactions will span over all the modules that have operations requiring transaction management. JTA provides transparency with respect to the actual TP monitor implementation that is used, but it still requires the invocation of its API from multiple core modules. In this section, we examine a template using AspectJ to modularize the crosscutting behavior for transaction management when we use JTA. Listing 11.13 shows an abstract base aspect that encapsulates all the JTA-based transactions. You will need to add one or more concrete subaspects, each defining the transactedOperation() pointcut.
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Setting ActHelpAbout 80, 24 &About...
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You now know what exceptions you should catch and when to expect them. However, one question is probably on your mind: What should you do after you ve caught an exception All exceptions thrown by Hibernate are fatal. This means you have to roll back the database transaction and close the current Session. You aren t allowed to continue working with a Session that threw an exception.
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Version and Extensions As explained in section 1.3.3, the PDF version can be
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If you want to create a form that can be filled with all the information in this XML file, regardless of the number of movies, the number of directors per movie, and the number of countries per movie, you need to use Adobe LiveCycle Designer.
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displays the certificates you ve uploaded; you can also upload a new certificate from this window. Your certificate must be in a .cer file. If you have a different format, you can easily convert it by importing it into your Windows certificate store, and then exporting it in the format you want. You can have up to five certificates in your account at a time; take advantage of them. Each person or system that s using the management API should have their own certificate. If you provide certificates in this way, you ll have an easy way to revoke their access. To revoke a certificate, click the Delete X icon next to the one you want to revoke. You need to attach your certificate to each request that you send to the API. Attaching your certificate ensures that the message is signed with your private key, which only you should have. When Azure receives your message, it ll check that the message came from you by opening it with the public key you uploaded in the .cer file. You ve got some certificates now and you re ready to learn about some of the things you can use the service management API for.
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Thus far, we ve presented a sample application a financial calculator that you ll put under CI. It s been stored in the source code repository. You can get everything you need to build your software from the repository and then, with a single command, build it. Both actions are on a one-off basis. But you have to add continuity to the process and make the actions occur in a constant loop. They need to run continuously, preferably after every commit to the source control repository. Right now, your process is a little flat. When something new happens, you start your build, it does all the things it was designed to do, and then it stops. The status quo is back in force until a software developer makes the next move (see figure 4.1). The goal of this chapter is to introduce another player: a production-ready CI server that will work for you. The software developer works as shown in figure 4.1, but the new player gets more responsibility. Even if the software developer forgets to pull the lever to make a build and to check if everything is correct, the CI server never forgets, as shown in figure 4.2. There are various ways to accomplish this manual build. First, you can try to build the system manually: you act as a CI server; you are the build master. You can perform a build once a day or after every check-in (for example, by using a physical item/ token to show who has control, as we ll discuss later in the chapter). Think of handcrafting a shell script similar to the example provided in chapter 1. You can try to write
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#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use strict; use GD; use Getopt::Long; sub usage { <<EOF; Usage : $0 [options] logo image output_file Options: --opacity N specify opacity of logo in percent. --gravity SPEC specify where the logo should end up. One of North, NorthEast, NorthWest, South, SouthEast, SouthWest, East, West, or Center. EOF } my $gravity = 'SouthEast'; my $opacity = 50; GetOptions( 'gravity=s' 'opacity=i' ) or die usage();
Data Access Layer
Functional Programming
<set name="bids" inverse="true" fetch="join">
Table 4.2 Supported Java data types for WebLogic 6.1 web services
While the KayakEJB class is fairly simple, it does not look much like a POJO a plain ol Java object. The first two annotations highlight all of listing 8.1 s
Exchanging SOAP Messages with HTTP
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