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You ve probably been wondering when some of the new technology features such as lambda expressions and extension methods will show up in my examples. Well, in a way, they already did. When you create LINQ queries using query expressions, the Visual Basic compiler converts what you type into code that uses extension methods and lambda expressions. You might remember from 9 that lambda expressions are themselves updated by the compiler into something simpler. Once your queries are broken down into subatomic particles, the CPU is ready to act. But you don t have to start with full queries. You can create your own queries using extension methods and lambda expressions. The extended methods in question are
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Working in C# means more than using just the language the classes offered by the .NET Framework are an extremely important part of the C# developer s everyday experience (and they account for a lot of this book s content). Most of the library functionality falls into one of three categories: utility features written in .NET, wrappers around Windows functionality, and frameworks. The first group comprises utility types such as dictionaries, lists, and other collection classes, as well as string manipulation facilities such as a regular expression engine. There are also features that operate on a slightly larger scale, such as the object models for representing XML documents. Some library features are wrappers around underlying OS functionality. For example, there are classes for accessing the filesystem, and for using network features such as sockets. And there are classes for writing output to the console, which we can illustrate with the obligatory first example of any programming language book, shown in Example 1-1.
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<asp:DropDownList ID="Genres" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" OnSelectedIndexChanged="Genres_SelectedIndexChanged" > <asp:ListItem Text="Rock" Value="~/App_Data/RockFeed.xml" Selected="true" /> <asp:ListItem Text="Jazz" Value="~/App_Data/JazzFeed.xml" /> <asp:ListItem Text="Blues" Value="~/App_Data/BluesFeed.xml" /> </asp:DropDownList>
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Listing 7.25 TimetableAnnotations3
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package com.msi.manning.chapter1; import android.app.Service; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.IBinder; import android.util.Log; public class Service1 extends Service implements Runnable { public static final String tag = "service1"; private int counter = 0; @Override Initialization protected void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); Thread aThread = new Thread (this); aThread.start(); } public void run() { while (true) { try { Log.i(tag,"service1 firing : # " + counter++); Thread.sleep(10000); } catch(Exception ee) { Log.e(tag,ee.getMessage()); } } }
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Up close and personal w ith integration tests in CI
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Making asynchronous network calls
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Consuming third-party components
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ROM from your Palm As an alternate approach (and recommended approach from esmertec) to downloading an image from Palm, if you have the target Palm OS device, you can extract its ROM image to your development computer. When you downloaded the POSE, a ROM transfer application came in the zip file. If you go into the directory where the POSE zip file contents were extracted, you will find a ROM Transfer.prc file. When run on the Palm OS device, this application allows the device to deliver the device s ROM image while it is cradled and connected to a computer. Cradled is the term used with many PDA devices to indicate when the device is physically connected to another computer usually by a cup or cradlelike looking attachment. First, to transfer the ROM Transfer.prc to the Palm OS device, launch the Palm Desktop Software s Install tool that came with the device. Pick the correct user of the device and then push the Add... button on the tool (see figure 8.14).
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Programmatically creating an animation
One other tool you ll want to make sure you re familiar with is telnet. Telnet allows you to connect to a remote system with a character-based UI. In this case, the remote system you connect to is the Android emulator s console. You can connect to it with the following command:
Here @DATE@ and @TIME@ will be replaced during the copy:
When an EJB instance is created, a Spring bean factory is automatically created and is made available to the EJB. While using this approach, you typically use the EJB as a fa ade and delegate the task to Spring beans. Listing 16.3 shows the PlaceBid EJB developed as a Spring-enabled stateless session bean. In this example, the PlaceBid EJB acts as a fa ade and delegates the actual business logic to the BidServiceBean.
The db.html file presents a simple GUI. This page runs equally well in either the Android browser or the desktop WebKit browser. It s coded with mobile in mind, and as such includes the viewport meta tag B. All of the database interaction JavaScript is stored externally in a file named db.js. A script tag C includes that code in the page. A div element with an ID of outputarea D is used for displaying information to the user. In a production-ready application, this area would be more granularly defined and styled. Clicking the Setup button E calls the JavaScript function named setup found in db.js. Ordinarily this kind of setup or initialization function would be called from an HTML page s onload handler. This step was left as an explicit operation to aid in bringing attention to all the moving pieces related to this code sample. We look more deeply at these JavaScript functions in the next section, so sit tight while we finish up the GUI aspects. Two text fields are used to gather information when adding a new record F. When the Save button is clicked G, the saveRecord function is invoked. Listing the records is accomplished by clicking the List Records button H. Deleting all the records in the database is initiated by clicking the Delete All Records button I, which in turn invokes the deleteAllRecords function found in db.js.
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