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As we ve seen, the TypeHandlerCallback interface is simple. All we need to do is create a class that implements the interface. We ll give the new class a nice, descriptive name, and also include a couple of private constants:
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Table 13.4 The view controller s interfaceOrientation property tells you the current orientation of an iPhone. Constant Summary iPhone is vertical, right side up iPhone is vertical, upside down iPhone is horizontal, tilted left iPhone is horizontal, tilted right
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This query returns items with a bid of exactly 100:
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1. What type of control do you need to retrieve data from the database 2. What is the name of the process for allowing a control, such as a GridView, to extract data from the retrieved tables and format it properly 3. What is a connection string 4. What are the four elements of CRUD 5. How do you attach a data source to a GridView 6. If your table has many rows, what should you do in the GridView to make it easier to read 7. What does optimistic concurrency do 8. How can you enable users to change the contents of the database from your GridView 9. How can you take an action based on the data in a row, as the table is loaded 10. How do you filter the amount of data returned from a SELECT query
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Querying with HQL and JPA QL
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The sequence is populated with the values 1 to 100, inclusive. Two dots separate the start and end delimiters of the range, enclosed in the familiar square brackets. Is that all there is to it No, not by a long stretch! Take a look at listing 2.21.
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Kerning is the process of adjusting the space between the glyphs in a proportional font. When taking advantage of kerning, you can save some space between a series of specific glyph combinations. For instance, you can move the glyphs of the word AWAY closer to each other, due to the shapes of the A and the W. In listing 3.9, the kerned version of the String Foobar Film Festival is only slightly shorter than the nonkerned version. Here you compute the width of this String measured in points.
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classpath debug dest ejbdescriptor iasdescriptor iashome keepgenerated <classpath> Classpath to be used when compiling the EJB stubs and skeletons. [Path] If true, debugging output will be generated when ejbc is executed. [Boolean] Destination directory where the EJB source classes must exist and where the stubs and skeletons will be written. [File] Location of the standard XML EJB descriptor. [File] Location of the iAS-specific XML EJB descriptor. [File] May be used to specify the home directory for this iAS installation. [File] If true, the Java source files generated by ejbc will be saved. [Boolean] Adds to the classpath used when compiling the EJB stubs and skeletons. [Path]
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XML and Java
will outline that element with a thick blue border.
You can use this to control all sorts of features of the formatting engine, such as the default precision, percentage and positive/negative symbols, and separators. Now that we know how to format strings of various kinds, we ll go back to looking at some of the features of the string itself. In particular, we ll look at how to slice and dice an existing string in various ways.
Data Example:
This function returns a scalar number. The primary use case for stored functions that return scalars is embedding a call in regular SQL or HQL queries. For example, you can retrieve all users who have a higher rank than a given user:
public Object getResult(ResultGetter getter) throws SQLException { return yesNoToBoolean(getter.getString()); }
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