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When the Factory to be used is instantiated, as in:
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public static Fraction operator+(Fraction lhs, Fraction rhs)
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The SQL SELECT clause includes a placeholder which names the table alias i and projects all columns of this table into the result. Any other table alias, such as the joined USERS table, which is only relevant for the restriction, isn t included in the resultset. You now tell Hibernate with addEntity() that the placeholder for alias i refers to all columns that are needed to populate the Item entity class. The column names and types are again automatically guessed by Hibernate during query execution and result marshaling. You can even eagerly fetch associated objects and collections in a native SQL query:
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How iBATIS handles common database challenges
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So far, you ve created controls that provide choices to the user, but you haven t seen how your page knows what items the user selected, or how to do anything with them. The answer lies in the properties. The DropDownList control, and all of the other list controls in Table 2-1 (except CheckBox and RadioButton) provide three properties for retrieving selections: SelectedIndex returns the zero-based index of the currently selected item, SelectedItem return the Text property of the currently selected item, and SelectedValue returns the Value property of the currently selected item. When a user submits this form, you want to provide feedback regarding the selected product category, subcategory, and the mailing address to which the purchase will be sent. A Summary table is the solution. To demonstrate three different ways of displaying text: You ll display the chosen Category in a label. You ll display the chosen Subcategory in a read-only text box. Finally, you ll display the Mailing Address by modifying the inner HTML of the table cell itself. (Inner HTML is the content between the opening and closing tags.) To begin, you need to create the table. You can type it directly into the source, or use the Insert Table Wizard we showed you earlier. Whichever method you choose, the table should end up looking like this in Source view:
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iBATIS provides an interface called CacheController that allows you to implement
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Databases are one of computing s most important inventions. They allow applications to store massive quantities of information, with the ability to search through millions of items and retrieve the ones you need in a fraction of a second. A high-quality database can scale to large numbers of concurrent end users, while providing very reliable storage, even in the face of system crashes. And even if you don t need the scalability, databases still look compelling if your program needs to remember data for any length of time applications that store valuable information usually rely on databases. The .NET Framework provides several different ways to communicate with databases. We will mainly be looking at its most recently introduced data access mechanism, the Entity Framework, and how that works with the LINQ features of C#. But first, we ll take a quick look at all of the database features of the .NET Framework, to put the Entity Framework in context.
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Table schema
Swing, currently the most popular Java GUI library, uses one of the simple threadsafety patterns that requires accessing all the Swing components only through the event-dispatching thread. By limiting the access to only one preassigned thread, the pattern moves the issue of thread-safe access away from the components. When another thread needs to access a Swing component, it must request the eventdispatching thread to carry out the operation on its behalf instead of doing so itself. In chapter 6, we developed an AspectJ-based solution for catching the violations of Swing s single-thread rule and logging the context under which they occurred. Once you understand the violations by using the aspects, you can use conventional solutions to fix them. However, fixing the violations in a conventional way can be a daunting task that requires significant modifications in multiple modules. In the first part of this chapter, we develop a way to fix the problem automatically. We examine an AspectJ-based solution that enables you to introduce thread safety simply by adding a couple of aspects to your system; no modifications to the core system are required. (This solution also provides a useful example of the worker object creation pattern presented in chapter 8. In fact, I discovered that pattern while trying to solve this very problem in an application I was working on.) Later in the chapter, we explore other ways you can use this pattern,
Listing 3.19 Conditions as expressions
Let s take a quick look at NAnt and see why we ll go with MSBuild instead.
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Example 10-4. Memento pattern example code TicTacToe (continued)
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