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For years, the server platform has dictated portions of the URL, such as the .aspx extension at the end. This problem has been around since the beginning of the dynamic web and affects almost all current web technologies, so you shouldn t be surprised that many solutions to the problem have been developed. Although ASP.NET does offer options for URL rewriting, many ASP.NET developers ignore them. Many web technologies, such as PHP and Perl, hosted on the Apache web server, solve this problem by using mod_rewrite. Python and Ruby developers have taken to the MVC frameworks, and both Django and Rails have their own sophisticated routing mechanisms.
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Here s a second sample output:
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Figure C.1 The clock from section 10.2, drawn with the Canvas::Polar::SVG and Canvas::Polar::PostScript modules.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
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Figure 2.10 demonstrates the creation of a new project named 2 using the wizard. You ll want the package name of your applications to be unique from one application to the next.
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This project s main routine is actually the MyApplication_Startup application event, from the ApplicationEvents.vb source code file. (That s one that you will have to use the Show All Files button to see.) To build the connection object at startup, add the following code to the end of that event handler.
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The sellerHashEnoughMoney() method doesn t start a transaction, to avoid automatic flushing of the persistence context on commit in the middle of the conversation. The problem is the call to the DAO, which is a stateless EJB. To get the persistence context propagated into the stateless EJB call, you need to propagate a transaction context. If paymentDAO.checkLiquidity() uses an EntityManager, it gets new persistence context! The second problem lies in the PaymentDAO stateless session bean:
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//--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Lifecycle ---------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Cleanup */ @After public void clearInvocationsAfterTest() { // Clean up CachingAuditor.clearInTesting(); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Tests -------------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Ensures that invocation upon an EJB with {@link CachingAuditor} declared * results in the interception of targeted methods */ @Test public void testCachingInterception() throws NamingException, IOException { // Ensure no invocations intercepted yet TestCase.assertEquals("No invocations should have yet been intercepted", 0, CachingAuditor.getInvocations() .size()); // Invoke final int channel = 1; final InputStream content = bean.getChannel(channel); // Test the response is as expected TestCase.assertEquals("Did not obtain expected response", channel, content. read()); // Test the invocation was intercepted TestCase.assertEquals("The invocation should have been intercepted", 1, CachingAuditor.getInvocations().size()); } /** * Ensures that requests to obtain Channel 2 while restricted are blocked with {@link Channel2ClosedException} */ @Test(expected = Channel2ClosedException.class) public void testChannel2Restricted() throws Throwable { // Set the policy to block channel 2 Channel2AccessPolicy.setChannel2Permitted(false); // Invoke try
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Using advanced query techniques
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The Java type of the identifier property, java.lang.Long in the previous example, depends on the primary key type of the CATEGORY table and how it s mapped in Hibernate metadata. Mapping the identifier property A regular (noncomposite) identifier property is mapped in Hibernate XML files with the <id> element:
When you change your device s orientation from portrait to landscape, you change the amount of space for displaying content for example, an iPhone goes from 320 x 480 to 480 x 320. As you just saw, when you rotated your label, it automatically resized, but this doesn t happen without some work. A UIView (not the controller!) contains two properties that affect how resizing occurs. The autoresizesSubviews property is a Boolean that determines whether autoresizing occurs. By default, it s set to YES, which is why things worked correctly in the first view controller example. If you instead set it to NO, your view will stay the same size when a rotation occurs. In this case, your label will stay 320 pixels wide despite now being on a 480-pixel wide screen. After you ve set autoresizesSubviews, which says that resizing will occur, your view looks at its autoresizingMask property to decide how it should work. The autoresizingMask property is a bitmask that you can set with the different constants listed in table 5.3. If you want to modify how your label resizes from within Xcode, you can do so by adding the following two lines to viewDidLoad:
An Android contact is a transient thing. Users may join different contacts together, split them apart, or delete them altogether. As such, you should avoid holding onto a contact ID for a long time and using it in future queries. If you need to retain a longlived reference to a contact, such as a list of the user s gaming buddies, then instead of the contact ID you should use the lookup key, which is a column defined by ContactsContract.Contacts.LOOKUP_KEY. The lookup key will continue to work even if the user joins or separates the contact. But using the lookup key is slower than the contact ID, so if speed is critical in your application, you may want to keep both the contact ID and the lookup key, and only use the lookup key if retrieving by ID fails.
Of course, there are computer generated animations which are created for film or TV, but they generally don t get stored in a GIF format, or anything resembling that.
<target name="dist" depends="taskdef,compile" description="Create JAR"> <jar destfile="${antbook-ant.jar}" basedir="${build.classes.dir}"/> </target>
[Authorize(Roles = "admins, developers")] public ActionResult Developers() { return View(); }
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