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Creates an InitialContext for the Weblogic application server
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The XMLHelper JavaBean/tag
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Deployment descriptors reference
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* the {@link Date} representing when the next job is to fire. * @param expression * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If the expression is null */ Date scheduleProcessing(ScheduleExpression expression) throws IllegalArgumentException;
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Once you have a list of widgets that require updating, each is updated in turn with a call to SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.UpdateOneWidget E. This method is defined as a static method, as it s also called from the SiteMonitorConfigure Activity. The onDeleted method F handles the scenario where a widget is removed from the home screen. When this method is invoked, it in turn calls the super class s onDeleted method. Next it removes the data related to each deleted widget with a call to SiteMonitorModel.deleteWidgetData. Finally, this method wraps up with a call to check for zombie widgets (which we describe in a moment) by calling checkForZombies G. It s not uncommon to have a widget identifier allocated but the widget itself not actually created. An example of this is when a configuration activity is launched but then canceled by the user no widget data gets created so you wind up with widget identifiers not attached to meaningful widget data. The reason you want to track this situation is to disable the update alarm when no legitimate widgets remain. Also, note that the arguments to this method include an array of integers representing the list of deleted widget instances. This array will usually consist of only a single widget. When the AppWidgetProvider is enabled H, the update alarm is set. Note that the onEnabled method can be used for other housekeeping setup tasks as well. This method is triggered when the first AppWidget is created. The mirror image of the onEnabled method is the onDisabled method I. This method cancels the alarm set previously in the onEnabled method. This method isn t called when you think it ought to be! Why Because of the zombie widgets that lurk about in the ether. It s for this reason that the checkForZombies method was added to this class, accommodating for the scenario where there are no active widgets but the operating system believes they still exist. These widgets will persist until the device is rebooted. The moral of the story here is that although these callback methods are nice to have, it s ultimately up to the developer to manage around the system. This will in all likelihood be rectified in future releases but as of Android version 2.2, this feature remains. Rounding out this code listing, you see the onReceive method J. This is the same method required of all BroadcastReceiver implementations recall that AppWidgetProvider extends the BroadcastReceiver. The super class s onReceive method is invoked and then the Intent is examined 1). If the Intent matches the special update constant defined in this class, SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.UPDATE_ WIDGETS, the code gathers a list of relevant widget identifiers 1! and passes them to the onUpdate method to be refreshed visually.
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Defines additional remarks
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package auction.beans; import ... @Name("register") @Scope(ScopeType.EVENT) @Stateful public class RegisterBean implements Register { @In private User currentUser; @PersistenceContext private EntityManager em;
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PROJECT ACCESS Load the 7 (Before) Code project, either through the New Project templates or by accessing the project directly from the installation directory. To see the code in its final form, load 7 (After) Code instead.
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Integrating legacy databases
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The <signjar> task can bulk sign a set of JAR files, using a nested fileset element. It also performs basic dependency checking, by not attempting to sign any files that are already signed by the identity in the task. It does not check to see if the file has changed since the last signing.
* This is a conceptual model. Some EJB containers may actually use instance swapping with stateful session beans but make it appear as if the same instance is servicing all requests. Conceptually, however, the same stateful session bean instance services all requests.
Example: The BlackjackEJB
for (Object element : session.createQuery("from " + ScopedEntity.class.getName()).list()) session.delete(element); tx.commit(); } finally { session.close(); } } private FullTextQuery buildQuery(SearchFactory factory, field, FullTextSession session) throws IOException { Reader reader = new StringReader( TEST ); TokenStream stream = factory.getAnalyzer( ScopedEntity.class ) .tokenStream( field, reader); BooleanQuery bq = new BooleanQuery(); Token token = new Token(); token = stream.next( token );
[echo] '<$>&"
.NET uses al.exe, the Assembly Linker program, to compile all of your .NET applications to their final assembly files. We ll use this same program to generate the satellite assemblies. Its command-line arguments were designed by a secret society, so getting them just right will take some work. Let s look at the command first, and then I ll explain it.
Listing 8.2 Properties.xml an include file that all subcomponent build files use
Storing each object in the inheritance hierarchy in completely separated tables Mapping all classes into a single table Storing superclass/subclasses in related tables
Here the find() occurs in one session and the update() occurs in another. This will certainly work, but it would be really nice if the find and update methods could somehow share a single session. Also, it would be preferable to avoid cluttering up the method signatures passing around a session. While this works, it s ugly, so we don t want to see something like this:
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