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you will trigger the error handler in the set accessor, which will note that the index you ve passed in (10) is larger than the counter (6). This code is kept simple, and so we don t handle any errors, as we mentioned. There are any number of other checks you d want to make on the value passed in (for example, checking that you were not passed a negative index and that it does not exceed the size of the underlying strings[] array). In Main( ), you create an instance of the ListBoxTest class named lbt and pass in two strings as parameters:
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Figure 15.5 You can set up an internal endpoint in the same way you set up an external endpoint. In this case, though, your service won t be load balanced, and the client will have to know which service instance to talk to.
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A property s value does not change once set: properties are immutable. Let s explore what this mechanism gives us in terms of control and flexibility. What if our properties file had not contained the line defining build.debug, or what if build.properties had not existed The <property file="."> task simply .. does nothing but warn in verbose mode when the specified property file does not exist. Only properties listed in an existing properties file are loaded, so in the case where build.debug is not present in the properties file, its value would not be set until it is defined in the build file itself, in the line <property name="build. debug" value="on"/>.
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In this example, we re telling the persistence provider that we do not want the query to do any automatic flushing before this particular query is executed. Using this commit mode can be dangerous if some correlated dirty entities are in the persistence context. You might return wrong entities from your query. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the FlushModeType.AUTO.
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4.2.5 Making a persistent object transient
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Earlier in this chapter we saw C# 4.0 s support for embedding interop type information, which can remove the need for primary interop assemblies. That feature has no visible impact on syntax it just makes life easier during installation. However, C# 4.0 has added a couple of features that offer better syntax for certain interop tasks.
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Earlier, I alluded to the fact that we can customize the data we send through with the event. We do this by deriving our own class from EventArgs, and adding extra properties or methods to it. Let s say we want to send the current document through in the event; we can create a class like the one shown in Example 5-24.
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Document document = new Document(new Rectangle(792, 612));
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The persist() method can delay inserts because it doesn t have to return an identifier value. Note that the newItem entity is in persistent state after you call persist(), but it has no identifier value assigned if you map the persistent class with an identity or select generator strategy. The identifier value is assigned to the instance when the INSERT occurs, at flush-time. No SQL statement is executed when you call persist() outside of a transaction. The newItem object has only been queued for insertion. Keep in mind that the problem we ve discussed depends on the selected identifier generator strategy you may not run into it, or you may be able to avoid it. The nontransactional behavior of persist() will be important again later in this chapter, when you write conversations with JPA and not Hibernate interfaces. Let s first complete the implementation of a conversation with an extended Session. With a session-per-conversation strategy, you no longer have to detach and reattach (or merge) objects manually in your code. You must implement infrastructure code that can reuse the same Session for a whole conversation. Managing the current Session The current Session support we discussed earlier is a switchable mechanism. You ve already seen two possible internal strategies: One was thread-bound, and the other bound the current Session to the JTA transaction. Both, however, closed the Session at the end of the transaction. You need a different scope of the Session for the session-per-conversation pattern, but you still want to be able to access the current Session in your application code. A third built-in option does exactly what you want for the session-per-conversation strategy. You have to enable it by setting the hibernate.current_session_ context_class configuration option to managed. The other built-in options we ve discussed are thread and jta, the latter being enabled implicitly if you configure Hibernate for JTA deployment. Note that all these built-in options are implementations of the org.hibernate.context.CurrentSessionContext interface; you
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nents of the system will follow it quickly.
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public void execute() { Long itemId = ... Long userId = ... BigDecimal bidAmount = ... // Get value from request // Get value from request // Get value from request
The concepts introduced so far could be implemented using standard procedural programming languages. Although you can t do true inheritance in a non-OOP language such as C, you can simulate it using flag fields: if a flag field named type in a non-OOP class-like structure was set to mammal, you could enable use of certain mammal-specific fields. There are other ways to simulate these features, and it wouldn t be too difficult. Polymorphism is a different avian altogether. Polymorphism means many forms. Because a derived class can have its own (overridden) version of a base class s member, if you treat a mammal object like a generic animal, there could be some confusion as to which version of the members should be used, the animal version or the mammal version. Polymorphism takes care of figuring all this out, on an ad hoc basis, while your program is running. Polymorphism makes it possible for any code in your program to treat a derived instance as though it were its base instance. This makes for great coding. If you have a routine that deals with animal objects, you can pass it objects of type animal, mammal, or avian, and it will still work. This type of polymorphism is known as subtyping polymorphism, but who cares what its name is.
<injection-target> element is used if you want to inject your EntityManagerFactory into your EJB s bean class. Here is an example of using <injection-target>:
Integrating legacy databases
<project name="Regexp" default="default"> <property name="customer" value="normal"/> <property file="${customer}.properties"/> <target name="init"> <delete dir="output"/> <mkdir dir="output"/> </target> <target name="default" depends="init" if="customer.different"> <copy file="display.properties" todir="output"/> <replaceregexp file="output/display.properties" match="sort.order=(.*),(.*)" replace="sort.order=\2,\1" byline="true" /> </target> </project>
Document 230 in listing 12.7 was the top result returned. Applying our new ScoringTestSimilarity class moved it all the way to fourteenth place. Looking at listing 12.9 you can see that the basic score D is the sum of the weight for the spielberg query term E and the war query term F, but the raw score is where our change to the Similarity class comes into effect. The raw score C is the product of the basic score D and our returned value G. The fact that the score was reduced because more of the terms matched (two) cut the raw score in half, which is exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Did you happen to notice the difference between the score contained in the Hit object of this result B and the raw score C The raw score of the first document returned was 1.1820041. If the top document s raw score is greater than 1, we utilize this value to normalize the score of all returned documents by dividing all of their scores by this value. Dividing C in listing 12.9 by this value yields 0.4271012. If you look at listing 12.7 you ll notice the same situation. The only difference is that this is the top document returned for this query. Because its raw score is greater than 1.0, it is divided by itself, yielding 1.0, and all other returned documents raw scores are divided by it in turn. Enough on the Similarity class. Before we move on to other classes that are used to affect scoring, we d like to briefly discuss one more thing, query boosting.
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