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When @FieldBridge is present, Hibernate Search uses the explicit bridge rather than relying on the built-in bridge-type inference system. @FieldBridge has an impl parameter that points to the bridge implementation class. You can optionally pass parameters to the bridge implementation. This is quite handy for helping to keep bridge implementations more generic and allowing different configurations for different properties. We ll cover parameters in section 4.1.3. In listing 4.1, the bridge indexes a number by padding and rounding its value. The application developer can adjust padding and rounding thanks to the bridge parameters. The @FieldBridge annotation can be added on the identifier property as well (marked by @DocumentId). In this case, the custom field bridge converts the identifier value into a Lucene structure and is able later on to extract the identifier value from the Lucene structure. Identifier values require a two-way bridge. If you map the same property multiple times, as shown in section 3.3.4, you can still use a custom field bridge. As shown in listing 4.2, the @Field.bridge parameter takes a custom bridge description annotation: @FieldBridge.
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The easiest way to create an application that uses a table view controller is to use the Navigation-Based template in Xcode. This provides you with a delegate and a view that contains a table view controller. It also creates some of the delegate methods required for interfacing with the table view. Although you can quickly start an application using the Navigation-Based template, we ll discuss in detail how you can manually build a table view controller project. This will give you a better understanding of what s going on when you use the template. Table 5.6 shows the process. The project-creation, object-creation, and object-linking steps pretty much follow the lessons you ve already learned. You have to create the subclass for the table view controller because the class file is where you define what the table view contains; we ll cover this in more depth shortly.
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Joins expressed in the FROM clause Hibernate differentiates between the purposes for joining. Suppose you re querying Items. There are two possible reasons why you may be interested in joining them with Bids. You may want to limit the item returned by the query on the basis of some criterion that should be applied to their Bids. For example, you may want all Items that have a bid of more than $100; hence this requires an inner join. You aren t interested in items that have no bids so far. On the other hand, you may be primarily interested in the Items, but you may want to execute an outer join just because you want to retrieve all the Bids for the queried Items in the same single SQL statement, something we called eager join fetching earlier. Remember that you prefer to map all associations lazy by default, so an eager, outer-join fetch query is used to override the default fetching strategy at runtime for a particular use case. Let s first write some queries that use inner joins for the purpose of restriction. If you want to retrieve Item instances and restrict the result to items that have bids with a certain amount, you have to assign an alias to a joined association:
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are processed, or how fast a response can be returned to the service caller. In many cases, it won t be just one metric, but a series of metrics. You have to decide what you re going to measure to determine a healthy state, and what those measurements must be to be considered acceptable. You must make sure these metrics are reasonable and actionable. A metric that demands that the site be as fast as possible isn t really measurable, and it s nearly impossible to test for and fix an issue phrased like that. Better to define the metric as an average response time for a standard request. To keep your application healthy, you need to instrument and gather diagnostic data. In this chapter, we re going to discuss how you perform diagnostics in the cloud and what tools Azure provides to remediate any issues or under-supply conditions in your system.
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JBoss Cache has its own configuration file, treecache.xml, expected in the classpath of your application. In some scenarios, you need a different configuration for each node in your cluster, and you must make sure the correct file is copied to the classpath on deployment. Let s look at a typical configuration file. In the two-node cluster (named MyCluster), this file is used on node A:
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Inevitably, you will need to add additional tasks to your build process. Ant provides built-in (or core) tasks and also ships with optional tasks that typically require additional components in order to function properly. Vendors or authors of other opensource software projects have developed third-party Ant tasks to provide benefits specific to their products. These tasks are easily integrated into an Ant build by using <taskdef>. After reading this chapter, you should be comfortable with setting up and using Ant s optional tasks and integrating third-party tasks into a build file. There are some very powerful Ant tasks in existence, many of which are not provided with Ant s distribution. Torque and Checkstyle are just a couple of our favorites. The next chapter is dedicated entirely to another very special set of Ant tasks: XDoclet. Ant s web site provides links to additional third-party tasks. If Ant doesn t provide what you need, check with the Ant web site or with the vendor of the product you are automating around. If all else fails, check with the Ant user community email list before reinventing the wheel by creating a custom task. Writing your own task can be fairly easy, depending on its goal. We will show you how to write your own Ant task in chapter 19.
Table 14.2 PDF PDF path construction operators and operands Parameters Description Moves the current point to coordinates (x,y), omitting any connecting line segment. This begins a new (sub) path. Moves the current point to coordinates (x,y), appending a line segment from the previous to the new current point. Moves the current point to coordinates (x3,y3), appending a cubic B zier curve from the previous to the new current point, using (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) as B zier control points. Moves the current point to coordinates (x3, y3), appending a cubic B zier curve from the previous to the new current point, using the previous current point and (x2,y2) as B zier control points. Moves the current point to coordinates (x3, y3), appending a cubic B zier curve from the previous to the new current point, using (x1,y1) and (x3,y3) as B zier control points. Closes the current subpath by appending a straight line segment from the current point to the starting point of the subpath. Appends a rectangle to the current path as a complete subpath. (x,y) is the lower-left corner; width and height define the dimensions of the rectangle.
Hibernate reads the resultset of the SQL query and tries to discover the column names and types as defined in your mapping metadata. If the column CATEGORY_ NAME is returned, and it s mapped to the name property of the Category class, Hibernate knows how to populate that property and finally returns fully loaded business objects.
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boxUnsetFill: linear (0%,0%) to (0%,100%) stops (0.0,dimgray), (0.25,white), (0.50,silver), (0.75,slategray);
NSURL *myURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""]; NSMutableURLRequest *myRequest = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:myURL]; [myRequest setValue:@"text/xml" forHTTPHeaderField:@"Content-type"]; [myRequest setHTTPMethod:@"POST"]; NSData *myData = [@"someText" dataUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding]; [myRequest setHTTPBody:myData]; NSURLResponse *response; NSError *error; NSData *myReturn = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:myRequest returningResponse:&response error:&error];
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} private const double feetPerMile = 5280;
We need to ensure that both the credit() and debit() methods use the same connection object. We also need to ensure that we commit the connection only after the successful completion of all the suboperations. To achieve this goal, we make the following modifications:
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