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be modified by the user In those cases, a database is a great backend for a navigation menu.
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Figure 8.4 Scaling of BLOB storage services in Windows Azure
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Because binding is such a useful part of JavaFX, in the coming sections we ll cover not only its various applications but also the mechanics of how it works, for those occasions when it s important to know.
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Without a toolkit or framework to leverage, developing Ajax-enabled applications is no trivial task. Several development issues arise, the most obvious of which is browser compatibility. Aside from the different implementations of the XMLHttpRequest object, each browser also implements a slightly different version of the
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The split view controller is an iPad-specific view controller that allows you to separate content into different panes. Although you can implement it a few ways, by far the most common is to have a UITableView on the left and a UIView on the right. Since the split view is made of two views that you have learned about in previous chapters, we ll focus on the example instead of the individual views. One of the major places you ll see this interface component in use is in the iPad s Mail application. The left pane of the split view controller displays all of your mail messages while the right displays the content of the selected message.
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(src); PdfDictionary root = reader.getCatalog(); PdfDictionary labels = root.getAsDict(PdfName.PAGELABELS); PdfArray nums = labels.getAsArray(PdfName.NUMS); int n; Loops over page PdfDictionary pagelabel; label definitions for (int i = 0; i < nums.size(); i++) { n = nums.getAsNumber(i).intValue(); i++; if (n == 5) { Removes start value pagelabel = nums.getAsDict(i); for page number pagelabel.remove(PdfName.ST); pagelabel.put(PdfName.P, new PdfString("Film-")); Replaces } prefix } PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, new FileOutputStream(dest)); stamper.close();
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Specify which Sensor D Sensor update frequency
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Source Listing
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- (IBAction) toggleRecord:(id) sender { if (recording) { [soundRecorder stop]; } else { [soundRecorder record]; } recording = !recording; } Table 12.6 Methods to control audio recording Method - (BOOL)prepareToRecord Description Creates the recording file on disk at the specified URL path. This method also prepares the system for recording. Starts or resumes recording. This method implicitly calls the prepareToRecord method. Starts the recorder and records for a specified amount of time. Pauses a recording. To resume recording, call the record method again. Stops the recording and closes the audio file. Deletes the current recording. For this method to work, the recording must be stopped.
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Having upgraded the Rotor class and introduced a new Paper class, we need to integrate these into the display. Listing 9.10 does just that.
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As you saw in the previous section, the view controller hands off three responsibilities to the view: displaying a picture, responding to touch events, and clearing the drawing. We ll step through these functions one at a time. Here s what s done when a user picks an image:
namespace System.Collections { public interface IEnumerable { IEnumerator GetEnumerator(); } public interface IEnumerator { bool MoveNext(); object Current { get; } void Reset(); }
In this chapter, we covered a few advanced concepts common to all EJB types:
Using Anonymous Methods
Listing 7.1
RSSItemView = Class.create(); RSSItemView.prototype = { initialize: function(rssItem, feedIndex, itemIndex, numFeeds) { this.rssItem = rssItem; this.feedIndex = feedIndex + 1; this.itemIndex = itemIndex + 1; this.numFeeds = numFeeds; }, }
class DocumentProcessor { class ActionCheckPair { public Action<Document> Action { get; set; } public Check QuickCheck { get; set; } } private readonly List<ActionCheckPair> processes = new List<ActionCheckPair>(); public void AddProcess(Action<Document> action) { AddProcess(action, null); } public void AddProcess(Action<Document> action, Check quickCheck) { processes.Add( new ActionCheckPair { Action = action, QuickCheck = quickCheck }); } public void Process(Document doc) { // First time, do the quick check foreach( ActionCheckPair process in processes) { if (process.QuickCheck != null && !process.QuickCheck(doc))
private void MakeListViewItemForNewEntry(int newItemIndex) { ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(); item.SubItems.Add(""); entriesListView.Items.Insert(newItemIndex, item); }
The next version of the ASP.NET AJAX framework will include another built-in application service: roles. The simplest way to demonstrate how to use the role service is to designate a portion of the page that only certain users in a role can view.
Persistence layers and alternatives
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