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The calling method was btnCopy_Click. Remember, you went off to GetFileList( ) in the first line of the event handler:
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if(!transactionHistory) { NSMutableArray *_transactionHistory = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; self.transactionHistory = _transactionHistory; [_transactionHistory release]; } [self requestProductData]; }
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<fileset dir="${src}"> <include name="**/*Bean.java" /> </fileset> <remoteinterface pattern="{0}Remote"/> <homeinterface/> <localinterface/> <localhomeinterface/> </ejbdoclet> </target>
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Literal string
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Final output line
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In listing 5.2 the columns are explicitly specified by calling the Columns method, which makes use of a nested closure to configure which properties on the underlying model should be displayed as columns in the table. This is done by passing a lambda expression to the column.For method. By default, the name of the property will be used as the column heading, but this can be overridden by chaining a call to the Named method and providing a custom column name. Columns can be more complex than just including a simple property. For example, the final column in listing 5.2 defines a column that contains a hyperlink. The MvcContrib Grid created using the view code in listing 5.2 will render nicely in a table, as shown in figure 5.2. The main reason to explicitly specify the columns for the Grid is to be able to customize the output of various columns (for example, by using a custom string format or to add additional columns to the table). The syntax for defining the Grid may look odd at first it uses some of the newer features of the C# language. For example, lambda expressions are used to specify which properties should be rendered as columns in the table. By using this syntax, if you change the name of a property using a refactoring tool, the property gets
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This line works for this example, but only because On is the name of one of the possible states of the check box we want to check. Other check boxes could have other values, such as Yes, or true, or whatever was defined for the checked state of the field. Let s finish our overview of button fields with some more information about pushbuttons.
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Test Your Knowledge: Quiz
Creating advanced view controllers
Let s take the PDF you created in section 8.4.1 and pretend that you forgot which options and export values are available in the choice fields of the form. How could you retrieve those values And how would you change the selection
The List/ListPane code is quite complex, indeed so complex that it s been broken into two classes. List is an interior node for displaying a list of strings and firing action events when they are clicked. ListPane is an outer container node that allows the List to be scrolled. In figure 6.8 you can see how the list parts fit together. Rather than using a scrollbar, I thought we might attempt something a little different; the list will work in a vaguely iPhonelike fashion. A press and drag will scroll the list, with inertia when we let go, while a quick press and release will be treated as a click on a list item. We start with just the inner List node, which I ve broken into two parts to avoid page flipping. The first part is listing 6.6.
Lazy enumeration also permits an interesting technique whereby infinite loops aren t necessarily a problem. A method can yield an infinite collection, leaving it up to the caller to decide when to stop. Example 7-36 returns an enumeration of numbers in the Fibonacci series. That s an infinite series, and since this example uses the BigInteger type introduced in .NET 4, the quantity of numbers it can return is limited only by space and time the amount of memory in the computer, and the impending heat death of the universe, respectively (or your computer s next reboot, whichever comes sooner).
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