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UIControl NSObject UIView
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Let s look at a simple PDF file that isn t fully compressed and that isn t linearized.
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XML marshalling.
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This class, written by the bean provider, contains the business logic for a session or message-driven bean. It is annotated with the appropriate bean type: @javax.ejb.State less, @javax.ejb.Stateful, or @javax.ejb.MessageDriven. For instance:
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A nice tool to see if an optimization is necessary is Luke. One of the panels shows how many files the index contains and the size of each (see section 2.6). Listing 9.12 shows how to use optimize after a complete reindexing.
Part 3 Conversational object processing
You learned in this chapter that the partial-page rendering mechanism is more than a set of special server controls. We exposed a client-side counterpart to the server controls called the PageRequestManager, which does most of the work to make all this happen. Most importantly, you gained insight into how the UpdatePanel works under the hood. With this knowledge, you can now take more control of your applications and solve complex situations that you couldn t before. In addition, we explored limitations and issues of the ASP.NET AJAX framework, to keep you on your toes. The next chapter takes you on a journey into how client-side components are authored with the Microsoft Ajax Library.
String queryString = "from Item item" + " where item.date > " + " and item.description like ";
The table structure for Bags is just like a list, but without the order column:
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