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With the next listing, you can inspect the PDF from the inside, and you ll find out it s an XFA form.
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var var var var var ... var grav=(epm*mpm)/(dist*dist*gravF); var xGrav=grav*(distX/dist); var yGrav=grav*(distY/dist); mpa.x=-xGrav/(mpm); mpa.y=-yGrav/(mpm); mpv.x+=mpa.x; mpv.y+=mpa.y; mpp.x+=mpv.x; mpp.y+=mpv.y; mp=moon.physics; mpa=mp.acc; mpv=mp.vel; mpp=mp.pos; mpm=mp.mass;
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Listing 11.1 Enabling XML Script in an ASP.NET page
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Go to the build configuration, and choose the seventh wizard step: Agent Requirements. Add two system property requirements for the build, as shown in figure 12.10 (you can use the Frequently Used Requirements link on the page if you wish).
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When we model the application tier or design an application s business logic implementation, our design approaches tend to fall into one of two categories. One approach starts with the use cases and works backward (figure 3.1). We ll call this service-driven. The other centers heavily on the domain objects. We ll refer to this approach as domain-driven (figure 3.2).
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Figure 7.7 shows two documents with text annotations. The document in the back has small icons in the form of a note; the document in the front has small text balloons. If you move your mouse over such an icon, a tooltip appears. Double-click the icon, and a sticky note window appears. That s an open text annotation. The text annotations in the back are created using the Annotation class.
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.employeeregistry.ch11.relationships; import javax.persistence.Column; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.OneToOne; import org.jboss.ejb3.examples.testsupport.entity.AutogenIdentityBase; /** * Represents an {@link Employee}'s computer. The * relationship is bidirectional in the case the computer * is lost or in for servicing and needs to be returned. * * @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $
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Properties that refer to relative paths are best set using the location variant. See Fixing properties to absolute path locations. Properties set from a properties file are set as a simple values.
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For a simple Gadget such as ours, hosting the Gadget is not very difficult if all we need to do is host it for ourselves and make it viewable from our single machine. However, if we want to share our Gadget with the entire Live.com community, or if we need to access our Gadget from more than one machine, then we ll need to deploy our Gadget to a site that is accessible from a central place. This would mean deploying a website that was permanently visible via the Internet and making that site host our Gadgets for us. But for the purposes of getting something up and running in this example, we will simply host our Gadget from the IIS web server on our own machine. This means the Gadget we upload will only be visible when browsing the Live.com portal from our own machine. Configuring IIS to host our Gadget The point of creating an IIS site to host the website containing our Gadget is to assure that whenever we browse the Live.com site that the web server will be running and our Gadget will therefore be available. Up until now this would not be the case, because we ve merely been using the in-built ASP.NET development web server that comes as a part of the ASP.NET toolkit. An instance of this web server is spun up by Visual Studio and used to host our websites when we are in development, but that instance does not persist beyond the current development session. In other words, were we to restart our machine and browse back to a site which had previously been served up by an instance of the development web server, it would not be present until we manually ran the server again and configured it to listen on the right port. With IIS, however, our application will be available whenever we browse to Live.com because IIS automatically restarts whenever the machine is started. The first step to hosting our site in IIS is to create a virtual directory and the best place to do this is via the IIS Manager tool. To access the tool we can either type inetmgr from the Run dialog box or we can browse directly to the tool using Windows. To browse to the IIS Manager tool from within Windows, click the Start button and then choose Control Panel. Once the control panel is open, click Administrative Tools. From there, choose Internet Information Services. At this point the IIS Manager tool should appear as shown in figure 10.11.
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In the View menu of Adobe Reader, you can select toolbar items that must be shown or hidden. You can control the initial state of some of these items by setting the viewer preferences listed in table 13.6.
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Building business logic with session beans
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That syntax still works, and is the way to go if you need to display multiple copies of the same form on-screen at the same time. However, the AboutProgram.ShowDialog( ) syntax is much cleaner for single-use forms, and more closely reflects how form presentation was done in Visual Basic since its initial release. Actually, this statement is using the My namespace. The full statement looks like this:
Listing 10.5 Map.fx (part 1)
That s all there is to it! It s so simple that this concludes our discussion on backward compatibility and interoperability of EJB applications.
9.2.1 Designing the form
A peer of one of the authors prefers a different and interesting technique for organizing test cases. Test cases are written as public nested static classes of the production code. The advantage is that it keeps the production and test code in very close proximity. In order to prohibit packaging and deploying test cases, he takes advantage of the $ that is part of a nested class filename and excludes them. We mention this as an alternative, but do not use this technique ourselves.
With our configuration complete, our markup is focused only on layout. The tedious logic from listing 18.3 has been replaced. Listing 18.14 shows the resulting view.
Never ignore a warning. Treat it as an error, until you are satisfied that you understand it and that not only is it innocuous, but also there is nothing you can do to eliminate it. Your goal, (almost) always, is to compile warning-free code.
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