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public class SocketListener extends Thread{ private Form outputForm; private boolean shutdownFlag = false; private StreamConnectionNotifier notifier; public SocketListener(Form outputForm){ this.outputForm = outputForm; }
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Introducing Objective-C
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<script type="application/x-javascript"> if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mobile Safari') != -1) { addEventListener('load',hideURLBar,false); } function hideURLbar() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); } </script>
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Figure 6.9 A many-to-many valued association between Category and Item
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Requests location updates Animates activity icon
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<path id="ncss.classpath"> <fileset dir="${ncss.lib.dir}" includes="**/*.jar" /> </path> <target name="ncss" depends="compile"> <property name="cp" refid="ncss.classpath" /> <apply executable="java" parallel="true" dir="${src.dir}" output="${build.dir}/${}-ncss.xml"> <arg line="-cp %classpath%;${cp}" /> <arg value="javancss.Main" /> <arg line="-package -xml" /> <fileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="**/*.java" /> </apply>
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A Rotor A Rotor B Rotor C Reflector
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Querying XML data is only useful if XML data repositories exist. The low-tech form of XML repository building is simply using a file system and XML files. This works well for small applications that can tolerate the overhead and performance characteristics of managing a group of XML-based text files. For larger applications and those that do not wish to manage a repository themselves, a more enterprise-ready solution is required. Throughout this section,
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Figure 6-2. The positions of an 8-bit (8-digit) binary number
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The client obtains a reference to the beans directly or indirectly from JNDI. All session bean invocations are made through an interface appropriate for the access type. The client makes as many method calls as are necessary to complete the business task at hand. In case of a stateful session bean, the last client invocation should be a remove method.
Stopping Debugging
foreach my $letter (split //, $string) { Process the push @{$img}, $letter_img->Clone(); individual letters $img->[$#$img]->Annotate( text => $letter, font => '-*-arial-bold-r-*-*-36-*-*-*-*-*-*-*', gravity => 'Center', fill => 'red', ); }
Transactions and security
protected void Application_Start() { // ... RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes); ControllerFactory.GetInstance = type => ObjectFactory.GetInstance(type);
Having written a class, we now need to test it. How can we test this class and its getValue method with JUnit There are two popular methods: Mock Objects and Cactus. Mock Objects are emulations of objects such as the servlet API, which you can then use inside normal <junit> tests to invoke code inside a mock server. They 310
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