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Listing 2.12 Creating a Hibernate Search query
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10: Putting It All Together
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EJB and Persistence
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Recall that in listing 9.1, the addItem method persists an Item entity into the database. Since listing 9.1 was quite a few pages back, we ll repeat the addItem method body as reviewed in listing 9.4. Although it is not obvious, the code is especially helpful in understanding how entity relationships are persisted, which we ll look at in greater detail in a minute. For now, let s concentrate on the persist method itself.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
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In Example 5-13, counterVariable is initialized to 11 and the while test fails, but only after the body of the loop has run once.
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Table 15.1 shows a summary you can use to compare native Hibernate features and Java Persistence.
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10.3.3 Solution: Autogenerate the EAR descriptor
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Finish handling response
NSUserDefaults. First, you d change the init method to create a shared defaults object and then read from it when creating the settingListing array, as shown in
the code more verbose and less readable, but you can inspect the stack trace in your favorite JavaScript debugger with a simple two-step process:
UITabBar UIViewController UIViewController
Because of these issues, most systems include little policy-enforcement logic in a systematic way, if they include any at all. Code reviews are usually a substitute for policy enforcement. Although such reviews have a definite place in the software-development process, using them for mundane tasks like simple policy checks is wasteful. Code reviews should instead focus on the subtler nuances of implementation. To sum up, current mechanisms make policy enforcement inelegant and expensive to implement. Therefore, the failure of policy enforcement lies in the way it is implemented, not in its concepts.
ScriptObject showMessage = (ScriptObject) HtmlPage.Window.GetProperty("showMessage"); showMessage.InvokeSelf("Hello, world"); // Or... ScriptObject window = HtmlPage.Window; window.Invoke("showMessage", "Hello, world");
If you use Hibernate s schema export tool, hbm2ddl, you can enable this output by adding a default attribute to the property mapping:
Introducing OpenGL for Embedded Systems
The example in listing 4.2 uses the remapResults attribute b combined with Dynamic SQL C to demonstrate how to change the data returned from a mapped statement on the fly. While Dynamic SQL is not covered until chapter 8, this example uses it to create a mapped statement where the value of the includePassword property determines the fields that are in the results. Depending on its value, you may or may not get the password field back in your results. One thing to be aware of is that the performance hit for determining a result map each and every time a statement is run may be prohibitive, so use this feature only when it is an absolute requirement.
Coding for a global transaction is exactly the same as coding for automatic or local transactions. So you should still start, commit, and end the inner transaction scope. You might ask why, considering the transaction is globally defined. There are two reasons. First, it helps iBATIS manage other resources such as connections to the database so that you don t unnecessarily keep requesting and returning connections from the data source. Second, it allows you to switch back and forth between local and global transactions without any code changes. Listing 7.5 shows the same transaction as in the local example; and as you can see, it doesn t make a difference to iBATIS whether you re using local or global transactions.
<target name="javadocs" description="make the java docs" > <javadoc author="false" destdir="${javadoc.dir}" packagenames="org.example.antbook.*" sourcepath="src" use="true"
Use the Singleton pattern when You need to ensure there is only one instance of a class. Controlled access to that instance is essential. You might need more than one instance at a later stage. The control should be localized in the instantiated class, not in some other mechanism.
Figure 2.21 After your work is done, you have to send the changes to the repository. To do so, you must commit the changes.
Fine-grained models and mappings
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