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In listing 8.1, you add attributes and elements to the mapping of the Item class.
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Target array after copy: 100 200 300 400 500 600
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Methods and functions
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Table 3.1 Android Activity main lifecycle methods and their purpose Purpose Called when the Activity is created. Setup is done here. Also provided is access to any previously stored state in the form of a Bundle. Called if the Activity is being restarted, if it s still in the stack, rather than starting new. Called when the Activity is becoming visible on the screen to the user. Called when the Activity starts interacting with the user. (This method is always called, whether starting or restarting.) Called when the Activity is pausing or reclaiming CPU and other resources. This method is where you should save state information so that when an Activity is restarted, it can start from the same state it was in when it quit. Called to stop the Activity and transition it to a nonvisible phase and subsequent lifecycle events. Called when an Activity is being completely removed from system memory. This method is called either because onFinish() is directly invoked or the system decides to stop the Activity to free up resources.
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It is also possible to use dynamic classes as components. Dynamic components are effectively the same as static components. Dynamic classes can also be modified at runtime, providing a very powerful persistence solution.
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
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16.2 An overview of Apple s push notification system
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Figure 1.7 The client-centric development model is driven by a smarter and more interactive application that runs on the browser.
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3.4 Session bean clients
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That means we only need to call ShowHelp from each form and access one of the two files whenever the user presses F1. But what if the administrator never uses the Maintenance.vb form to configure the locations of the help files Since the help files will probably be installed in the same folder as the Library.exe program file, we should look there automatically. The InitializeSystem method in General.vb already sets the two global variables to the values stored in the settings.
Exercise Solutions
Shared Class Members
So, we ve seen how to read and write data to and from streams, and how we can move the current position in the stream by seeking to some offset from a known position. Up until now, we ve been using the File.OpenRead and File.OpenWrite methods to create our file streams. There is another method, File.Open, which gives us access to some extra features. The simplest overload takes two parameters: a string which is the path for the file, and a value from the FileMode enumeration. What s the FileMode Well, it lets us specify exactly what we want done to the file when we open it. Table 11-6 shows the values available.
Hardware abstraction
[receiver message:arg1 label2:arg2 label3:arg3];
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