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In this chapter, we ve looked at three separate but related items: Toast, Notification, and Alarm. You learned that for simple, nonpersistent messages, the Toast class provides an easy and convenient way to alert the user. We also looked at how to use the
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First steps with Ajax
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iPhone OS uses an entirely different paradigm. You can dynamically load material into labels or text views, and you can dynamically call up websites using the XML or HTML classes we ve discussed. There s no need for Ajax-type content as long as you have good control over what a server will output. You just need to remember some of the lessons that Ajax teaches, such as downloading small bits of information rather than a whole page. JSON JSON is perhaps the most troublesome protocol to integrate. It s important as a part of the social web, because it s one of the standardized ways to download information from a website. It also depends on your iPhone or iPad being able to understand JavaScript, which it doesn t (unless you do some fancy work with DOM and the WebKit, which are beyond the scope of this section). Fortunately, two JSON toolkits are already available: JSON Framework and TouchJSON. We ll look at an example of the latter shortly. RSS At the time of this writing, we re not aware of any RSS libraries for the iPhone and iPad. But as we ve already demonstrated in this chapter, it s easy to parse RSS using an XML parser. SOAP SOAP isn t as popular in the social web as most of the other protocols listed here, but if you must use it, you ll want a library. A number of SOAP libraries are written for Objective-C (though not necessarily for the iPhone and iPad), including SOAP Client and ToxicSOAP. XML XML is, as you ve seen, fully supported by the iPhone OS. But if you don t like how the default parser works and want an alternative, you should look at TouchXML. These libraries should all be easy to find with simple searches on the internet, but table 14.10 lists their current locations as of this writing.
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ejb-ref Corresponding annotation: @javax.ejb.EJB Used to specify remote EJB references.
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must inherit the Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Task class B. It has everything you need. The only thing you have to do is to override the Execute() method F. This method does the actual job and returns true if it succeeds or false if it fails. It uses
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The NSURLRequest class contains two parts: a URL and a specific policy for dealing with cached responses. As noted in table 20.2, there are four ways to create an NSURLRequest, though we expect that you ll usually fall back on the simple factory method, requestWithURL:.
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<mkdir dir="dist">
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Cell 2 consists of Paragraph and List objects with different alignments, leading, spacing, and indentation values C. Because you re using the addElement() method, you re working in composite mode, and all the properties that are set for these different Elements are preserved. For Images, you can specify whether or not they have to be scaled.
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In this example, we have a stateless session bean class that inherits from a base class. All instances of MySessionBean would have the appropriate resource injected into the base class s someMethod method. It is possible to change what is injected by reimplementing and overriding it in the subclass:
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Listing 2.39 Quoted identifiers
onParagraph() Called before a Paragraph is rendered. The paragraphPosition passed to the method is the Y coordinate of the baseline of the first line of the Paragraph, augmented with its leading. onParagraphEnd() Called after a Paragraph is rendered. The paragraphPosition is the Y coordinate of the baseline of the last line of the Paragraph.
try { bill(order); notifyBillingSuccess(order); order.setStatus(OrderStatus.COMPLETE); } catch (BillingException be) { notifyBillingFailure(be, order); order.setStatus(OrderStatus.BILLING_FAILED); } finally { update(order); }
when executing the script. JavaScript, or ECMAScript to give its official name, is not Java, yet it is close enough to mislead. Besides the Ant documentation, a useful online resource for the <script> task lives at http://www.sitepen.com/ant/javascript.html.
Stored procedures can be a real lifesaver for many tasks and they should be appreciated for what they can do. When used for Dynamic SQL, they often suffer the same problems as the Java-coded Dynamic SQL. Listing 8.16 shows you how a stored procedure written in Oracle s PL/SQL deals with Dynamic SQL construction.
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