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Figure 5.10 An example gnuplot chart showing several built-in functions and the data from a file in one plot. The line types and point markers were automatically chosen by the gnuplot program. The legend describes the lines and their corresponding functions.
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class ProcessEventArgs : EventArgs { // Handy constructor public ProcessEventArgs(Document document) { Document = document; } // // // // // // The extra property We don't want subscribers to be able to update this property, so we make it private (Of course, this doesn't prevent them from changing the Document itself)
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The Controller in an Ajax application
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During the printing (or preview) process, the PrintDocument s PrintPage event handler gets called once for each output page. But here s the tricky thing: when the PrintPage handler was called the first time, it was not to print page 1 of the document, but to print the first page in need of printing, whatever its page number. Search all you want through the properties of the PrintDocument class, but you will never find a PageNumber property. The PrintDocument class does not know about the page numbers in your document, and despite all of the nice things it does for you it does not care. All it knows is that you have a bunch of pages to print, and it will call your PrintPage event handler until you say enough! If you turn back to Figure 20-3, you ll see that the Print dialog includes a Page Range section, although most of its controls are disabled by default. The PrintDialog control includes three Boolean properties that let you enable specific controls in that section: AllowCurrentPage, AllowSomePages, and AllowSelection. Setting any of these properties to True enables the matching option control. Later, after the user has made a choice, you can query the PrintDocument object s PrinterSettings.PrintRange property to determine which choice it is.
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Creating EJB 2.0 container-managed persistence
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public aspect MannersAspect { before() : deliverMessage() { System.out.print("Hello! "); } } public aspect LoggingAspect { after() : loggedOperations() { ... _logger.log(...); ... } }
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Getting results When we receive the YES or NO value from the database, we need to translate it into a boolean value of true or false. This is the exact opposite of what we just did to set parameters. So why don t we start the same way Let s build a method to translate the string type to the boolean type, like this:
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public static Session getSession() { Session s = (Session) threadSession.get(); // Open a new Session, if this thread has none yet
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Listing 3.12 FoobarFilmFestival.java (continued)
#If (fullVersion = True) Then ShowWhizBangFeatures( ) #Else ShowLaughableFeatures( ) #End If
javax.persistence.Entity; javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; javax.persistence.Id; javax.persistence.Inheritance; javax.persistence.InheritanceType;
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