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The OpenGL library and the associated utility libraries (GLX, GLU and GLUT) have undergone periodic changes. The OpenGL module supports most of the old versions, and several support libraries for OpenGL. Exactly what gets exported to your name space is, as usual, controlled by the arguments to the import function for OpenGL. Here are some alternatives:
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public virtual void Read( ) public void Write( )
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Remember that all classes involved in the prototype must add the Serializable( ) attribute.
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throws CreateException, RemoteException; public PortfolioHolding findByPrimaryKey(HoldingKey primaryKey) throws FinderException, RemoteException; public Collection findByPortfolioName(String portfolioName) throws FinderException, RemoteException; }
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Application Logic Layer
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These two different sets of templates are separated into a set of editor and display templates. The editor and display templates are generated from the following methods:
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Click the Add button and browse to the directory where you extracted this book s downloaded content. Browse within the Code Snippets directory, select the Programming Visual Basic 2008 subdirectory, and click the Select Folder button. When control returns to the Code Snippets Manager form, click the OK button to complete the installation.
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Visual Studio includes a powerful debugger that lets you step through your program and examine the value of variables and objects as methods execute. You can set breakpoints in your code, which causes execution to stop when it reaches that point. Breakpoints can be set to stop every time, every nth time, or when a particular condition is true. Press F11 to step into called methods, and F10 to skip over method calls. The Autos window displays the values of the variables used in the current statement and the previous statement. The Locals window shows the values of all the variables in the current method. The Watch window allows you to keep an eye on variables or objects as your method executes, not only revealing their value, but in the case of complex objects, allowing you to drill down into their internal state. The QuickWatch window displays information about a single object, and allows you to manipulate that object without changing the value of the object in the running program.
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Repeating code with while loops (while, break, continue)
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You need to validate a user login from an LDAP source via an EJB call. Using an LDAP store is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to store user information for security and application permissions. Because of this, you might need to access an LDAP user store from an EJB managing logins.
Listing 5.5 Accessing an existing file in Android from an Activity
It is illegal for a bean instance to pass a this reference to another bean; instead, it passes its remote or local EJB object reference, which the bean instance gets from its Session Context. The SessionContext.getInvokedBusinessInterface() method allows you to determine whether your EJB was invoked on through its remote, local, or web service interface. It returns the invoked business interface as a class.
This chapter covers
As you can see, both the Event and Location objects are loaded from the database and their properties are displayed.
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