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Listing 11.12 savePortalWindows() method
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Sockets can be used with some other protocols besides those in the TCP/ IP family. For example, you can use sockets for IrDA (Infrared) or Bluetooth communications to communicate with local devices. There are other network protocols too, but the TCP/IP family is the most widely used.
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/** * Represents a Customer. Each customer may have an {@link Employee} * which is the primary contact for the account, but the relationship * is unidirectional * * @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ @Entity public class Customer extends AutogenIdentityBase { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members --------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Name */ private String name; /** * The primary {@link Employee} contact for this {@link Customer} */ @ManyToOne // Unidirectional private Employee primaryContact; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Constructor -------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Default constructor, required by JPA */ public Customer() { } /** * Convenience constructor */ public Customer(final String name) { // Set this.name = name; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /**
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The bare metal
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One of the frequently asked questions on the iText mailing list is, Does iText provide HTML2PDF functionality The official answer is no. Usually you ll get advice to use another product; for instance, xhtmlrenderer, aka Flying Saucer a project that is built on top of iText. You can find the URL of that project in appendix B. In some cases, you don t need a full-blown HTML renderer. Many web applications come with a small HTML editor that allows users to post messages with limited markup. For example, perhaps only <b> and <i> tags are allowed. Often these HTML snippets are stored in a database or somewhere on the filesystem. The initial question for HTML to PDF functionality could be rephrased as: Can we insert those HTML snippets into a PDF file using iText The answer is yes; you can do this with iText if you use HTMLWorker.
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Figure A.12 The AdventureWorks database added to an ASP.NET website
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@WebServiceRef private TrackingService service;
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Whenever you need to retrieve the value (other than to assign to it), the get accessor is invoked. For example, in the following code, the value of the Box object s Length property is assigned to a local variable. You use the dot operator to call the accessor, exactly as you would if you were accessing a public property. To the client, the local variable testLength is assigned the value of the Length property of testBox (the Box object). To the creator of the Box object, however, the get accessor is called, which in this case returns the value of the length member variable:
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public void Process(Document doc) { ProcessEventArgs e = new ProcessEventArgs(doc); OnProcessing(e);
The sample application for events is an event reporter, which offers a variety of responses depending on how and when the device screen is touched. The sample program has two goals. First, we want to show you a cool and simple application that you can write using events one that should get you thinking about everything you can do.
We can transform the above requirements into an aspect as follows:
Property Sets the desired accuracy of location as a CLLocationAccuracy object Specifies how much lateral movement must occur to cause a location update event
Embedded field
When it comes to building software systems, it s the end that matters not the means. Working, reliable software that is usable is what it all boils down to. In the end, what customers care about is that your product produces consistent results, performs well, and meets scalability and availability requirements. Most developers and users can agree on that. But then there s the part they can t always agree on the part that s implied and expected by the users, but not always understood by the developers. Surely you ve seen it before. You just finish plopping your latest new-fangled application into production and the e-mails start flying and the calls come rolling in. It turns out that the users had some other expectations as well. Something about how they expected the program to perform. Sure, the application has the features they asked for, and everything appeared to work during user acceptance testing (UAT), but now that it s in production everything s so slow. Can anything be done In the final assessment, how well your applications perform is important. Users have expectations for performance, even when they don t articulate or just don t communicate them well. In most application development projects, performance goals are ignored during development. While making something work is the first step development should take, some attention must also be paid to performance concerns during development, to avoid the potential rework that will occur if they are completely ignored until the system is deployed. According to some surveys,1,2 around half of software development projects fail to deliver their performance objectives. Up to this point we have focused on how to build EJB applications. However, you also need to consider the performance aspects of your application in order to effectively build, configure, and deploy your applications. In this chapter you ll learn about general performance tuning of all the EJB 3 components and issues surrounding scalability and availability for EJB 3 applications. We ll start by looking at how to handle entity locking. You may remember from our discussion in chapter 6 that consistency is a critical aspect of transactional applications and improper locking mechanisms not only lead to inconsistent data but also may cause performance degradation. An athlete makes sure that he runs within his track before running faster; otherwise he ll be disqualified.
PdfTemplate and Image methods in PdfContentByte
Setting up a sandbox testing environment
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