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You print their values, as shown in the first section of results, and find that not only do the two string references have the same value, as indicated by using the equality operator (==), but also that ReferenceEquals returns true as well. ReferenceEquals is a static method that returns true when the two objects passed in are the same instance. Therefore, the two references refer to the same object. On the other hand, if you create s3 and assign its value using String.Copy(s1), although the two values are equal (as shown by using the equality operator) they refer to different objects in memory (as shown by the fact that ReferenceEquals returns false). Now, returning to s1 and s2, which refer to the same object, if you change either one, for example, when you write:
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public class Event implements Serializable { private KeyNoteSpeaker speaker; /** * @hibernate.many-to-one column="keynote_speaker_id" * unique="true" */ public KeyNoteSpeaker getSpeaker() { return speaker; } public void setSpeaker(KeyNoteSpeaker speaker) { this.speaker = speaker; } }
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Data: actions, preferences, and files
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To open the connection on the receiving side, only the port is specified.
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Extending a test repertoire into your CI process is worthwhile. Different tests reveal different problems. Unit tests live close to the code and aim for different issues than integration or functional tests. The latter have broader scope; they target interactions within the code or beyond it, to external resources. With the broader scope comes complexity. Integration and functional tests tend to take longer and to be harder to isolate. You can no longer rely on mocked objects you have to deal with interactions and a real environment. Nevertheless, it pays to integrate as many tests as possible into your CI process. The more you test, the more certain you can be that you aren t breaking anything. As long as you can keep your integration and functional tests quick and reliable, you re good to go with CI. If not, think about putting these tests in periodic builds. Keep in mind that you need to organize your tests in any CI process from the quickest to the longest running; this way, you ll get feedback as soon as possible. Sometimes it s a good idea to involve a client or a nontechnical person with domain knowledge into the test process. Acceptance tests have their place in CI too. They probably won t break the build if they fail, and they re better indicators of being on the right track. The art is to use them as a kind of specification and to gradually
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This need to upgrade settings whenever even minor version number changes are made to an assembly seems a bit over the top. But it s necessary to support .NET s goal of side-by-side installation. The user should be able to install two different versions of your application on the same workstation, and use each one without interference from the other. Storing version-specific settings helps to achieve this goal.
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This systematic approach helps you tackle almost any problem with little risk. Experience will be your best guide in determining how much weight you should assign each step for your system.
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Sequence diagram illustrating client invoking a Page-by-Page Iterator.
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Page content and structure
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Of course the size parameter will not influence the size of the built-in font. ... or any one of the other methods that return image data: jpeg(), wbmp(), gd(), gd2(), or in the case of older versions, the gif() method. Which ones are available depends on your particular version of GD.
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public CategoryPK() {}
Similarly, if you want to get rid of a keyboard, you must tell your text object to stop being the first responder:
Include the needed modules
To understand why, consider the fact that we could call a CMT method from our BMT bean that contains a lengthy calculation and checks the transactional flag before proceeding (like our Power Seller credit validation example in section 6.2.4). Since our BMT transaction would be propagated to the CMT method, it might be programmatically simpler, especially in a long method, to mark the transaction rolled back using the setRollbackOnly method instead of writing an involved if-else block avoiding such conditions. The getStatus method is a more robust version of getRollbackOnly in the CMT world. Instead of returning a boolean, this method returns an integer-based status of the current transactions, indicating a more fine-tuned set of states a transaction could possibly be in. The javax.transaction.Status interface defines exactly what these states are, and we list them in table 6.3. The setTransactionTimeout method specifies the time, in seconds, in which a transaction must finish. The default transaction timeout value is set to different values for different application servers. For example, JBoss has a default
This query makes use of a local variable as before, but this query simply reads the value rather than modifying it. By changing the value of that variable, we can modify how the query behaves the next time it is evaluated. (The call to ToArray() executes the query and puts the results into an array. This is one way of forcing an immediate execution of the query.)
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