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4: Structural Patterns: Adapter and Fa ade
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GD has its coordinate origin defined in the top left-hand corner of the canvas, at coordinate point (0,0). This means that all pixel coordinates are offset at 0, and the coordinates of the center point of a 100 by 100 pixel image are at (49,49). In order to use colors in GD you first need to allocate them for your object. The total number of colors in a GD::Image object is limited to 256, which for most drawing purposes is fine (see also section 12.1, GD and pixels, on page 211). You will find that you normally don t use more than about 10 colors anyway.
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You ll see talk of both .xib files and nib files in this and later chapters. They re pretty much the same thing: a nib file is a compiled .xib file. They appear as .xib files in Xcode, but some methods call them nib files, as you ll see later in this chapter. Apple documents refer to a nib document window in Interface Builder; we ve done the same here.
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Wow, that s quite a bit of code. All it really does is list the BLOBs in a public container and output the result to the console (as shown in figure 9.1). Unfortunately, whenever you use the REST API directly, your code will get more complex. (I guess you can see why we prefer to use the StorageClient library.) Remember that the HTTP requests that were generated by the code in listing 9.1 are the same requests that the StorageClient library generates on your behalf. In listing 9.1, the GET request is created at q. This verb indicates that you want some data returned from the server rather than have an action performed that ll update the data (such as a create, update, or delete). The request is executed at w. Let s now take a deeper look at the rest of the code in listing 9.1; doing so will give you a better understanding of the communication between your clients and the storage accounts.
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6.3.3 Using UserTransaction
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The AspectJ compiler
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public override object Transform(object data) { string[] strings = ((IStringsInterface)data).Strings; _numbers = new int[strings.Length]; Receive the
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This refers to testing individual software components to ensure proper behavior. The developer usually performs this activity as part of the development process. This usually refers to testing the functionality of the entire application, including the interactions between components and subsystems. Often, external integration points are simulated using test harnesses to control the tests. Integration testing involves testing the functionality of the interaction between your application and external systems, including the proper handling of security and failure conditions. This involves simulating heavy use of the application by clients to determine scalability and discover potential bottlenecks. This involves getting real users to try the system, examine its functionality, and report gaps between functionality delivered and original requirements.
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Polymorphic queries
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Other page boundaries
A child control of the UpdatePanel invokes a postback. A registered trigger, such as a button click outside the UpdatePanel, is invoked (we ll explain this in more detail when we talk about triggers). The Update method for the UpdatePanel is called.
If a stateless session bean is annotated with @java.jws.WebService, and it contains no methods that are annotated with @javax.jws.WebMethod, then all methods are made available to the web service. Otherwise, only those methods that are annotated with @javax.jws.WebMethod will be made available. This is an important feature because web services tend to be coarser-grained than a standard EJB. Also, it is generally considered good design practice to reduce dependencies between modules. The @javax.jws.Web Method annotation also offers attributes for customizing the generated WSDL:
At this point, rerun the generate-hbm task. Inspect the Location.hbm.xml file and you should see that the component fragment has been inserted, and the merge comment will be gone.
Although the code here looks pretty complex, keep in mind that what it is doing is also quite complex. We start with the one and only required method b, and in it we process the returned data to build the exact lists and maps that we want by keeping only unique account objects C, manufacturer objects D, and product objects E, which we then expose to the caller using the getters (F, G, H, and I) on the row handler. In addition, we provide object identity, so the account, product, and manufacturer instances in all cases are the same objects. In other words, the account with an ID value of 1 is the same instance of the account class in all of the data structures therefore, a change to it will be reflected in all other places that it occurs.
The object created by sending the alloc message to the UITextView class object is then initialized. (We ll get to class objects in just a moment.) When you re passing a color as an argument, you almost always do so by nesting a call to the UIColor class object:
6: Creational Patterns: Abstract Factory and Builder
Representing data in XML
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