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Testing the persistence layer
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A specific format item can be referenced multiple times, and in any order in the format string. You can also apply the standard and custom formatting we discussed earlier to any of the individual format items. Example 10-45 shows that in action.
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In the next two parts of the book (Parts 2 and 3), the tutorial application explained in this section will be implemented. Actually, the application will be implemented twice. Why twice Again, the targeted platforms dictate the use of various APIs and development environments. In Part 2, we implement the application in the all-J2ME MIDP and CLDC APIs. This development effort will produce an application that runs on a cellular telephone, pager and at least one type of PDA. In the subsequent part, Part 3, we revisit the same application and use the KJava API and CLDC to implement the application for use on Palm OS PDA devices. If you are interested in one type of development over the other, skip the part that least interests you, as these have been written as independent sections of the book. Throughout both parts we take these same steps toward implementation.
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Stubs using Rhino Mocks
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These two mappings are functionally the same, but only the second one allows multiple identical components for XDoclet to work.
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Media: audio and recording
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Description The type of map to be displayed. The possible options for this variable are MKMapTypeStandard, MKMapTypeSatellite, and MKMapTypeHybrid. Updating this property automatically causes the map to change its view. Determines if the user is able to zoom in. If set to NO, the map is fixed to a specific span. When set to YES, the user is able to scroll around the map. If set to NO, the map becomes fixed on one location. reading barcode 128
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EJB 3 and Spring
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<version name="version" column="VERSION" unsaved-value="0"/> <many-to-one name="organization" class="Organization" column="ORGANIZATION_ID" insert="false" update="false"/> ... </class>
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log.error("Couldn't rollback Transaction", ignored); } } }
We define an EventRouter object, passing in the DOM element and the type of event that we would like to register as arguments. We then add listener functions to the router object, which also supports a removeListener() method that we don t need here. It looks straightforward, but how do we implement it
In the previous chapter we discussed in detail the philosophy behind iBATIS and how the framework came to be. We also stated that iBATIS is a hybrid solution that borrows ideas from various other methods of working with a relational database. So what exactly is iBATIS This chapter will answer that question. iBATIS is what is known as a data mapper. In his book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002), Martin Fowler describes the Data Mapper pattern as follows: A layer of Mappers1 that moves data between objects and a database while keeping them independent of each other and the mapper itself. Martin does a good job of distinguishing between data mapping and metadata mapping, which is where an object/relational mapping tool fits in. Such a tool maps the tables and columns of the database to the classes and fields of the application. That is, an object relational mapper maps database metadata to class metadata. Figure 2.1 shows an object/relational mapping between a class and a database table. In this case, each field of the class is mapped to a single corresponding column in the database. iBATIS is different in that it does not directly tie classes to tables or fields to columns, but instead maps the parameters and results (i.e., the inputs and outputs) of a SQL statement to a class. As you ll discover throughout the rest of the book, iBATIS is an additional layer of indirection between the classes and the tables, allowing it more flexibility in how classes and tables can be mapped, without requiring any changes to the data model or the object model. The layer of indirection we re talking about is in fact SQL. This extra layer of indirection allows iBATIS to do a better job of isolating the database design from the object model. This means relatively few dependencies exist between the two. Figure 2.2 shows how iBATIS maps data using SQL.
This time, the primary key is the ITEM_IMAGE_ID column, and it isn t important that we implement equals() and hashCode() (at least, Hibernate doesn't require it). Nor do we need to declare the properties with not-null="true". They may be nullable in the case of an idbag, as shown in figure 6.6.
context, CGColor
We, the authors of this book, have often heard our colleagues ask for a program to help them find duplicate files on their system. Let s write something to do exactly that. We ll pass the names of the directories we want to search on the command line, along with an optional switch to determine whether we want to recurse into subdirectories or not. In the first instance, we ll do a very basic check for similarity based on filenames and sizes, as these are relatively cheap options. Example 11-1 shows our Main function.
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