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The interface This is the contract. By convention, interface names begin with a capital I, so your interface might have a name such as IPrintable. The IPrintable interface might require, among other things, a Print( ) method. This states that any class that wants to implement IPrintable must implement a Print( ) method, but it does not specify how that method works internally. That is up to the designer of the implementing class. The implementing class This is the class that agrees to the contract described by the interface. For example, Document might be a class that implements IPrintable and thus implements the Print( ) method in whatever way the designer of the Document class thinks is appropriate. The client class The client calls methods on the implementing class. For example, you might have an Editor class that has an array of IPrintable objects (every object in the class is an instance of a type that implements IPrintable, even if they aren t all the same type). The client can expect to be able to call Print( ) on each object, and although each individual object may implement the method differently, each will do so appropriately and without complaint.
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protected void startApp() { displayMngr = Display.getDisplay(this); displayEntryForm(); }
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public class CsvActionResult : ActionResult { public IEnumerable ModelListing { get; set; } public CsvActionResult(IEnumerable modelListing) { ModelListing = modelListing; } public override void ExecuteResult( ControllerContext context) { byte[] data = new CsvFileCreator() .AsBytes(ModelListing); var fileResult = new FileContentResult( data, "text/csv") { FileDownloadName = "CsvFile.csv"; } fileResult.ExecuteResult(context); } }
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1: C# Meets Design Patterns
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Advanced Dynamic SQL techniques
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| 3: C# Language Fundamentals
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9: Security and Personalization
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7.4.6 Tweaking the solution The solution we ve presented here applies resource pooling to all threads in the system using the Thread(Runnable) constructor. In most cases, since the AspectJbased solution offers pooling for free, this can be considered an added bonus. In other cases, however, you may want a more controlled usage of pooling. This section looks at some of those. One of the most common requirements of thread pooling is to apply it selectively based on the client. The solution in section 7.3.5, which uses the selectedClients() pointcut for database connection pooling, applies equally well here. Just as in the database connection example, you can specify any criteria you need in a new pointcut and combine it using && with the threadCreation(), session(), and threadStart() pointcuts to restrict the aspect s scope. It is sometimes desirable to restrict pooling to certain kinds of jobs. In our example, for instance, we may want to restrict it to threads used for the echo service. It is easy to modify the aspect to do this. Simply modify the threadCreation() pointcut as follows. In this case, we are restricting the thread pooling to threads delegating their work to a Runnable type of EchoWorker:
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Just like Action<T>, there is a whole family of Func<> types which take one, two, three, and more parameters. Before .NET 4, Func<> went up to four parameters, but now goes all the way up to 16.
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class TraineeFirefighter : FirefighterBase { // Override the abstract method public override void ExtinguishFire()
CruiseControl is an automated build support tool from Martin Fowler and colleagues at ThoughtWorks. It continually rebuilds and retests your system after changes are detected in your codebase. It is an open source project hosted under SourceForge at Although it is a powerful tool, it can be tricky to get working as of the 1.2.1a release available at the time of writing.
Architecting your application into discrete pieces, some of which are frontend and some of which are backend, is a good thing. But there are times when you need the logical separation, but not the physical separation. This might be for speed reasons, or because you don t want to pay for a whole worker role instance when you just need some lightweight background work done.
HTTP response headers
} } }
Isolated hardware
Other Security Features
/** * * column="USER_ID" * unsaved-value="null" * generator-class="native" */ public Long getId() { return id; }
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