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Nontransactional data access
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Mapping the unexpected: custom bridges
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The BubbleChart is rarely used, but it can be a real lifesaver when necessary. As well as x and y values, each point can contain a radius, giving effectively a third dimension of data. The LineChart is the familiar graph we all remember from school. Using x and y values, it plots a line to connect the dots. The two final chart types are shown in figure 7.12. Just as the bar chart comes in 2D and 3D flavors, so the pie chart also has 2D and 3D variations. Both PieChart and PieChart3D are unusual, as (understandably) they do not support multiple series of data like the other charts; only one set of values can be plugged in. The ScatterChart, although graphically the simplest of all JavaFX charts, is incredibly useful for revealing patterns within a given body of data. It plots x and y values anywhere within its coordinate space.
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Section 5.3.4
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<html> <head><title>Ant Book</title></head> <body> System build time: @DATE@ @ @TIME@ </body> </html>
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<entity name = "Category" class = "Category" metadata-complete = "false"> <table name = "CATEGORIES" /> <sequence-generator name = "CATEGORY_SEQ_GEN" sequence-name = "CATEGORY_SEQ" allocation-size = "1" initial-value = "1"/> <exclude-default-listeners/> <exclude-superclass-listeners/> <attributes> <id name = "categoryId"> <column name = "CATEGORY_ID"/> <generated-value strategy = "SEQUENCE" generator = "CATEGORY_SEQ_GEN"/> </id> <basic name = "categoryName"> <column name = "CATEGORY_NAME"/> </basic> <basic name = "createDate"> <column name = "CREATE_DATE"/> </basic> <many-to-many name = "items" target-entity = "Item"> <cascade> <cascade-all/> </cascade> <join-table name = "CATEGORY_ITEMS"> <join-column name = "CATEGORY_ID" referenced-column-name = "CATEGORY_ID"/> <inverse-join-column name = "ITEM_ID" referenced-column-name = "ITEM_ID"/> </join-table> </many-to-many> </attributes> </entity> </entity-mappings>
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<asp:Panel ID="pnlEmployee" runat="server" Visible="false" > <h3>Employee Information</h3> <div class="TextNormal"> This panel should only be visible to users are a members of the <b>Employee</b> role. Turning on the visibility of this Panel occurs in the Page_Load event handler.
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The last_list() method can be used to get a reference to the last list added. The add_picture() and add_text() methods just add a picture to the current list, or text to the current picture.
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Hashcode implementation
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Measures of success
@Entity Mark the use of a @Indexed class bridge Recommended Class bridges have @ClassBridge( namespace properties similar name="promotion", to @Field index=Index.UN_TOKENIZED, impl=ItemPromotionBridge.class ) Class bridge public class Item { implementation ... used }
var account = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("DataConnectionString");
The role of the Controller in MVC is to serve as an intermediary between the Model and the View, decoupling them from one another. In a GUI application such as our Ajax client application, the Controller layer is composed of event handlers. As is often the case with web browsers, techniques have evolved over time, and modern browsers support two different event models. The classic model is relatively simple and is in the process of being superseded by the newer W3C specifications for event handling. At the time of writing, however, implementations of the new event-handling model vary between browsers and are somewhat problematic. Both event models are discussed here.
If you build and run that, you ll see some output similar to this:
Tasks for using the JUnit unit testing API. Sends SMTP mail with MIME attachments. (continued on next page)
<class name="Item" table="ITEM"> ... <filter name="limitItemsByUserRank" condition=":currentUserRank >= (select u.RANK from USER u where u.USER_ID = SELLER_ID)"/> </class>
Converts a WSDL file or URL resource into a .NET language.
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