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LAYOUT_LABEL_LEFT_ICON_RIGHT Caption to the left of the icon. LAYOUT_LABEL_OVER_ICON Caption overlaid directly on the icon.
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The difference between scaled width/height and plain width/height is shown in the next example.
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primary key class 92 generating 53 requirements 94 primary keys compound 92 custom classes 94 from a database sequence 88 processing messages 205 in a FIFO manner from a message queue 205 propagating transactions 165, 186, 190 to a nonEJB class 188 to another EJB business method 186 Propertyconfigurator 251 providing common methods for all your EJBs 137 publish 148, 199 publish/subscribe 198 publishMessage 119
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The URI in the XML Namespace declaration should match the target namespace declared by the XML Schema. The following example shows the Address XSD with the target namespace declaration in bold. The URL value of the targetNamespace attribute is identical to the URL assigned to the add: prefix in the Reservation document:
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The first line B is pretty standard and specifies the table to use. The Id method C is special, and it has to be the first property mapped on an entity. This will become the primary key on the table, and the generator node has many options for defining how this primary key is generated, including SQL Server identity and Oracle sequence functionality. We want the Visitor object to have a value in the Id property before being persisted, so we re configuring NHibernate to generate a Guid for us before issuing the INSERT statement to the database. The GuidComb() generator is special; it generates GUIDs in sequential order so that the clustered index on the primary key column has little to do when a new record is inserted into the table. This sequencing sacrifices a bit of uniqueness in the GUID algorithm, but in this context, the only thing that s important is that the GUID be unique for this particular table.
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Read-only entities You can significantly improve application performance by using read-only entities. Examine your applications to determine whether any entities may be made read-only. For example, in our ActionBazaar system, office locations change very rarely and we can make the ShippingType entity read-only. Unfortunately, like caching features, the read-only feature is a vendor extension and you have to depend on either a vendor-specific API or configuration to mark an entity as readonly. Normally, read-only entity instances will be loaded into the PersistenceUnit cache and never discarded. Read-only entities will significantly improve performance because persistence providers won t calculate the change set for the read-only entity, and no clone or merge operations will be performed against a read-only entity. Caching best practices Understanding your applications and checking your caching strategy usually makes sense for your applications. The cache is best used for entities that are not frequently updated or that are read only. Make sure that table data is updated only by the application that is using the cache, because if any external applications update the same cache, someone working with the cache will end up with stale data. Check your persistence provider for details on how they support caching entities and queries; the caching mechanism varies from provider to provider. For example, one provider may follow this rule: if an entity is updated in a transaction, then the entity will be updated in the cache when the transaction is committed to the database. However, some persistence providers may choose to expire the cache instead. Stress-test your applications with and without a cache. It s the only way to determine if using the cache, and more specifically the particular cache configuration, will improve or degrade your applications performance. That concludes our discussion on improving EJB 3 entity performance. Are you feeling faster yet Even if you re not, your entities should be. Next, let s look at how you can improve the performance of session and message-driven beans.
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Desktop PC
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Dragging and dropping
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Listing 9.7 Executing the page is achieved via a call to Server.Execute which executes another page within the context of the current page.
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XML Document
Indexing to cope with approximative search
Use XML entity references to include common fragments.
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The technique of database functions in the SELECT clause isn t limited to database-dependent functions. it works with other more generic (or standardized) SQL functions as well:
Parsing XML
Strongly typed text box
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