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Two state variables are declared that will be used to track whether we are currently inside a picture tag or a text tag. We need to keep track of this so that in the text handler, xml_char(), we know whether we need to store the text fragments that are detected. The xml_start() subroutine is invoked each time an opening XML tag is detected, and the attributes of that tag are passed in as arguments. When the top node element is read, the attributes are merely passed on to the $picture_index object, which was defined in the main body of the program. When an <option> tag is encountered, its name and value attributes are also passed on as options to the $picture_index object. When a <list> or <picture> is seen, the corresponding method is called. The two state variables are set to certify that we can keep track of whether we re actually processing a picture or text at the moment. This allows us to ignore any textual data that isn t part of a text block in a picture tag. The subroutines that are called when an XML end tag or character data are encountered are called xml_end() and xml_char(), and are defined as follows:
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This returns objects of the type BillingDetails, which is an abstract class. In this case, the concrete objects are of the subtypes of BillingDetails: CreditCard and BankAccount. If you want only instances of a particular subclass, you may use
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public class AutoMappedViewResult : ViewResult { public static Func<object, Type, Type, object> Map = (a, b, c) => Defines { mapping throw new InvalidOperationException( function @"The Mapping function must be set on the AutoMapperResult class"); }; public AutoMappedViewResult(Type type) { DesinationType = type; } public Type ViewModelType { get; set; } public override void ExecuteResult (ControllerContext context) { ViewData.Model = Map(ViewData.Model, ViewData.Model.GetType(), DestinationType); Executes normal
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While the actual code to support nested elements is quite straightforward, there is a sophisticated mechanism within Ant to facilitate it. Like attributes, Ant looks for specially named methods in your task to invoke when it encounters nested elements. There are three distinct subelement scenarios that Ant handles using specially named methods. These scenarios and methods are listed in table 19.1.
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The bigger issue is: what do you do with runtime errors Even if you check all possible data and external resource conditions, it s impossible to prevent all runtime errors. You never know when a network connection will suddenly go down, or the user will trip over the printer cable, or a scratch on a DVD will generate data corruption. Anytime you deal with resources that exist outside your source code, you are taking a chance that runtime errors will occur. Figure 9-4 showed you what Visual Basic does when it encounters a runtime error: it displays to the user a generic error dialog, and offers a chance to ignore the error (possible corruption of any unsaved data) or exit the program immediately (complete loss of any unsaved data). Although both of these user actions leave much to the imagination, they don t instill consumer confidence in your coding skills. Trust me on this: the user will blame you for any errors generated by your application, even if the true problem was far removed from your code. Fortunately, Visual Basic includes three tools to help you deal completely with runtime errors, if and when they occur. These three Visual Basic features unstructured error handling, structured error handling, and unhandled error handling can all be used in any Visual Basic application to protect the user s data and the user from unwanted errors.
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4.2.6 Making a detached object transient
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</class> </hibernate-mapping>
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Creating a first iPad project in Xcode: Hello, World!
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Obtaining a Persistence Context
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networking, you can skip ahead to section 6.2, but it s important to have this foundation if you think you need it, and we promise to keep it short.
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The part before the colon is the advice declaration, which specifies when the advice executes relative to the captured join point before, after, or around it. The advice declaration also specifies the context information available to the advice body, such as the execution object and arguments, which the advice body
return (thisValue > comparandValue) 1 : -1; } else { throw Error.argumentType(); } }, get_value : function() { return this._value; }, set_value : function(value) { this._value = value; }
This compile-jsp target compiles the JSP pages into a temporary directory using <jspc>, then runs <javac> over the created files. When run, it will state how many files it compiled down:
SharedKey devstoreaccount1:J5xkbSz7/7Xf8sCNY3RJIzyUEfnj1SJ3ccIBNpDzsq4=
target.server=eiger target.appname=antbook target.username=admin target.password=password ftp.login=tomcat ftp.password=.oO00Oo. ftp.remotedir=warfile
public class Note : IStorable
Web applications generally break down when advanced user controls or complex data manipulation are a requirement. In such cases, rich clients that use native operating system widgets like tabs, tables, tree views, and embedded objects are preferred. Rich clients allow for a much more powerful user interface, but are somewhat more difficult to deploy and require more care to achieve the level of performance and security a web application can offer. Examples of rich client technologies include Swing in Java and WinForms in .NET. Recently the two concepts have been mixed into hybrid clients to attempt to achieve the benefits of both web applications and rich clients. Very small rich clients with advanced controls can be downloaded to the users desktop, perhaps transparently via the web browser. This hybrid-rich client does not contain any business logic and it may not even have the layout of its user interface built in. Instead, the application look and feel and the available business functionality are configured via a web service, or a web application that uses XML as an interface between the rich client and the server. The only disadvantage is that more software is required to both develop and deploy such applications. For example, both Adobe Flex and Laszlo from Laszlo Systems are based on Macromedia s Flash browser plug-in. Then of course there is the epitome of all hybrid presentation layers, Ajax. Ajax, a term coined by Jesse James Garrett, used to be an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, until everyone realized that it need not be asynchronous, or XML. So now Ajax has simply come to mean a really rich web-based user interface driven by a lot of really funky JavaScript. Ajax is a new approach to using old technology to build very rich and interactive user interfaces. Google demonstrates some of the best examples of Ajax, putting it to good use with its Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar applications. iBATIS can be used for both web applications, rich client applications and hybrids. Although the presentation layer does not generally talk directly to the persistence framework, certain decisions about the user interface will impact the requirements for your persistence layer. For example, consider a web application that deals with a large list of 5,000 items. We wouldn t want to show all 5,000 at the same time, nor would it be ideal to load 5,000 items from the database all at once if we weren t going to use them right away. A better approach would be to load and display 10 items at a time. Therefore, our persistence layer should allow for some flexibility in the amount of data returned and possibly even offer us the ability to select and retrieve the exact 10 items that we want. This would improve performance by avoiding needless object creation and data retrieval, and by
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