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Table 14.1
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14.8.1 SQLMap configuration
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Searching by phonetic approximation
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@Stateless public BidManagerBean extends PlaceBidBean implements BidManager { ... }
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<ServiceContract( )> _ Public Interface IService <OperationContract( )> _ Function GetData(ByVal value As Integer) As String End Interface
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One thing you need to remember when you don t use session beans to access the entities is that you have to programmatically manage your transactions since CMT is not available in the web container. You must use the UserTransaction API in the following way:
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Downloading BLOBs
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'FireChief.ExtinguishFire()' hides inherited member 'Firefighter.ExtinguishFire()'. Use the new keyword if hiding was intended.
5.1 Why use AspectJ for logging
Listing 12.1 TypeHandlerCallback
The implementation of the web role is quite different from that of a normal web server. Rather than using a system administrator to manage the running of the web servers, the data center overlord the FC performs that task. The FC needs the ability to interact and report on the web roles in a consistent manner. Instead of attempting to use the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) routines of IIS, the Windows Azure team opted for a custom Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) approach. This custom in-process approach also allows your application instances to interact with the WaWebHost processing using a custom API via the RoleEnvironment class. You can read more about the RoleEnvironment class in chapter 4.
Some of these projects depend upon other projects just as in a build file, targets can depend upon other targets. It would be nice to be able to declare in a master build how these Ant projects were interdependent, so that this tool could then build the projects in the appropriate order. Ant does not integrate subprojects so seamlessly, but it does make it possible to write a master build file that can call the subprojects in the order that the file s authors specify, with significant control over these invoked builds. The key to this is the <ant> task. 9.4.2 Introducing the <ant> task We covered the <antcall> task in chapter 7. As you may recall, it lets you call a target inside the current build file with a different set of properties. The <ant> task is almost identical except that it also allows you to specify the build file that contains the target. This enables you to divide your build file into subprojects; one for each of the child projects of the actual software project. It also enables you to write library build files. These are build files that contain reusable targets to perform standard actions, such as incrementing a build counter or deploying to a web server. The basic functionality of the <ant> task is simple: you use it to call any target in any other build file, passing in properties and references if you desire. When you call a target with it, you implicitly invoke any other target in the build file that the invoked target depends upon. Example: a basic master build file With all our projects laid out under a single main directory (app), we can create a basic master build file that calls the targets. Listing 9.1 shows a master build file that will build five subprojects.
By default, Hibernate fetches associated objects and collections lazily whenever you access them (we assume that you map all to-one associations as FetchType. LAZY if you use Java Persistence). Look at the following trivial code example:
int newWidth, int newHeight) // use of "this" required // use of "this" optional // use of "this" not needed
Listing 11.3 Role authorization with AuthorizeAttribute
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