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Introduction to AOP
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Fetch modes allow us to change this behavior to optimize application performance when needed. Entity fetch modes We briefly mentioned fetch modes in previous chapters but haven t discussed them in great detail. Discussing entity retrieval is an ideal place to fully explore fetch modes. As we suggested, the EntityManager normally loads all entity instance data when an entity is retrieved from the database. In ORM-speak, this is called eager fetching, or eager loading. If you have ever dealt with application performance problems due to premature or inappropriate caching, you probably already know that eager fetching is not always a good thing. The classic example we used in previous chapters is loading large binary objects (BLOBs), such as pictures. Unless you are developing a heavily graphics-oriented program such as an online photo album, it is unlikely that loading a picture as part of an entity used in a lot of places in the application is a good idea. Because loading BLOB data typically involves long-running, I/O-heavy operations, they should be loaded cautiously and only as needed. In general, this optimization strategy is called lazy fetching. JPA has more than one mechanism to support lazy fetching. Specifying column fetch-mode using the @Basic annotation is the easiest one to understand. For example, we can set the fetch mode for the picture property on the Item entity to be lazy as follows:
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synchronized public void registerConnection(Connection connection, String url, String userName, String password) { DBConnectionDescription desc = new DBConnectionDescription(url, userName, password); List connectionsList = getConnections(desc); if (connectionsList == null) { connectionsList = new ArrayList(); _connectionDescriptionMap.put(desc, connectionsList); } Adding description and connectionsList.add(connection); connection to the map } private List getConnections(DBConnectionDescription desc) { return (List)_connectionDescriptionMap.get(desc); } }
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The goal of the Eclipse Dali project (http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/ Dali_Project) is to provide developer support for O/R mapping of EJB 3 persistence objects, and help generate O/R mappings with annotations and XML descriptors.
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Bidirectional binds (with inverse) For simple binds, which mirror another variable directly, it s possible to create a twoway relationship, such that changing one variable changes the other. Because this type of bind is assignable, we use var instead of def.
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you can just let the unchecked HibernateExceptions go without rethrowing. Features strongly typed and explicit DAOs; the EventDao only works with Events, meaning client code doesn t have to perform manual casting.
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} private void saveReference( Helper helper ) { FileOutputStream ostream = null; ObjectOutputStream objStream = null; try{ ostream = new FileOutputStream( "Helper.obj" ); objStream = new ObjectOutputStream( ostream ); objStream.writeObject( helper.getHandle() ); objStream.flush(); objStream.close(); } catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } }
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Cache philosophy Cache configuration Caching strategies
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We ve established that our mobile worker will be carrying two things: a set of hand tools and an Android device. Fortunately, in this book we re not concerned with the applicability of the hand tools in his toolbox, leaving us free to focus on the
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CGPoint curPoint = [[touches anyObject] locationInView:self]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.x]]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.y]]; [self setNeedsDisplay]; } - (void) touchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
Implementation Resources
For the development storage Table service, you d use the following URI:
Reference to another DTO
Figure 11.16 A Persistent, Network-Aware application model depends on a constant wireless connection between the device and the network. This model relies on a wireless network connection for delivering applications and data to the device. Under this model, data is less likely to be stored on the device, in favor of interacting directly with the server environment. It is expected that changes made to the data on the device would be immediately reflected on the server. If this connection is unavailable the application cannot function.
The field with the information about the used car (in our case, the movie information) is a multiline text field. It s impossible to fill such a field using different font styles (normal, bold, italic), nor can text be left and right justified. You ll also want the font size to adapt to the length of the description. Because of all these specific requirements, it s necessary to bypass the automatic form flattening.
package com.manning.hq.ch09; import java.io.Serializable; import java.util.Date;
JavaFX and Swing
WARNING The code in this portion of the chapter is meant to demonstrate how to connect
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