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Figure 4-4. SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express main form
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reference in the prototype object 83 required 453 references element 382 reflection 38, 104 108, 345, 383 methods 104 106 RefreshPanel 196 registerClass method 90, 105, 265, 271, 422, 425 inheritance 96 RegisterClientScriptBlock 259 RegisterClientScriptInclude 259 RegisterClientScriptResource 259 registerDropTarget method 413, 422 423 registerEnum method 102 RegisterExtenderControl method 312 registerInterface method 100 RegisterScriptControl method 320 RegisterScriptDescriptors method 311 312, 319 320 RegisterStartupScript 259 260 registration script control 320 321 registration procedure 307 RegularExpressionValidator 261 release script versioning 40 remote procedure call 142 remote scripting 5 remove method 61 remove_init method 109 removeAt method 61 removeCssClass method 53 removeHandler method 110 Render method 328 RenderMode Block 205 Inline 205 Repeater 129, 213 control 431 432, 434 435 Representation State Transfer 142 request HTTP 67 Request Headers 240 Request object 239
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You may also discover that you need a more interactive way to deal with HTML data. In this case, you ll probably use an NSURLConnection object; but as with the NSMutableURLRequest, we re going to save that for later, because you ll typically only need to use it when you re POSTing information to a web page rather than just retrieving it. For the moment, we re going to put all of these complexities aside and instead look at how to display straight HTML data using the SDK s UIWebView.
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Converting Results to Other Forms
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Using Java s I/O classes
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Table 9.1 <cacheModel> tag attributes This value specifies the unique ID that will be referenced by query mapped statements that want to use the cache model s configured cache. This is the type of cache that the cache model will be configuring. Valid values include MEMORY, LRU, FIFO, and OSCACHE. This attribute can also contain the fully qualified class name of a custom CacheController implementation. When set to true, this denotes that the cache will be used solely as a read-only cache. Objects retrieved from a read-only cache should not have their properties changed. This attribute specifies whether the cache contents should be deep copied upon retrieval.
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EJB 3 and Spring
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By default Hibernate Search keeps track of entity changes per transaction. The piece of code responsible for collecting the changes and sorting them per transaction is the TransactionalWorker. The Worker is responsible for keeping track of changes per context and for deciding when a context starts and stops. Upon a context stop, the Worker implementation should perform (usually delegate) the work accumulated in the context. In the default implementation, when a transaction commits, the Worker prepares the work (essentially converts the entity changes into Lucene changes) and performs it. A Worker implementation must be thread-safe because it is shared for a given SearchFactory; a SearchFactory has the same lifecycle as a SessionFactory or an EntityManagerFactory. Although the transactional context makes the most sense for a variety of reasons (because of the definition of transactions and the way ORMs behave), one can envision a context piling up all concurrent changes and flushing them based on the number of changes or even a context lifecycle driven by application events. Overriding the default context implementation is done through a configuration property, as shown in listing 5.17. All properties starting with the prefix are passed to the Worker implementation at initialization time.
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Entity lifecycle methods need not be defined in the entity itself. Instead, you can choose to define a separate entity listener class to receive the lifecycle callbacks. We highly recommend this approach, because defining callback methods in the entities themselves will clutter up the domain model you might have carefully constructed. Moreover, entity callbacks typically contain crosscutting concerns rather than business logic directly pertinent to the entity. For our purposes, we ll explore the use of entity callbacks using separate listener classes, default listeners, and the execution order of entity listeners if you have multiple listeners.
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The layout for this application is contained in the resource file main.xml, shown next.
14: Application Settings
The crux of the Chain of Responsibility pattern is in lines 35 and then 20. Line 35 calls a handler, and line 20 can pass the request on to the next in line. The handler makes this decision based on conditions it can evaluate. Lines 18 and 21 show the other two outcomes: handling the request and handling it by default if the handler is the last in the chain. The Chain of Responsibility pattern has an inherent limitation in that the request can get lost if the chain is not set up properly or if no handler is appropriate for the passed-in data. For this reason, the last handler has a default action. An alternative implementation, as mentioned earlier, would be to define a ChainException that the Handler can throw and the Client can catch. This approach is shown in the following example.
What are the similarities
} finally { // Cleanup and open the school for other tests final Context context = this.login(USER_NAME_ADMIN, PASSWORD_ADMIN); final SecureSchoolLocalBusiness school = this.getEjb(context); // Reset the school to open for subsequent tests; // Test Assert.assertTrue("School should now be open", school.isOpen());
Try ' ----- Wrap the stream with a writer. forWriting = New IO.StreamWriter(memStream, asUnicode) ' ----- Store the original data in the stream. forWriting.WriteLine( _ "This is a test of the emergency programming system.") forWriting.Flush( ) ' ----- The position is at the end of the written data. ' To read it back, we must move the pointer to ' the start again. memStream.Seek(0, IO.SeekOrigin.Begin) ' ----- Create a reader to get the data back again. forReading = New IO.StreamReader(memStream, asUnicode) ' ----- Get the original string. finalMessage = forReading.ReadToEnd( ) ' ----- Prove that the text is back. MsgBox(finalMessage) Finally memStream.Close( ) End Try
Both of the collections use an enumerated type: Levels. It is declared as:
This TextExtractionStrategy object, containing all the text of a specific page, is returned by the processContent() method. When you get the resulting text of the first page of the Preface, it starts like this:
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