Figure 10.5 Phantom read: transaction A reads new data in the second select. in Java

Compose qr-codes in Java Figure 10.5 Phantom read: transaction A reads new data in the second select.

If the number of documents containing the term increased to 20, equation 12.3 shows the idf would become 1.7. This shows that queried terms found in an excessive number of documents cause those documents to receive a lower score than those that do not.
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<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Always"> <ContentTemplate> <%= DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString() %> <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Update" /> </ContentTemplate> <Triggers> <asp:PostBackTrigger ControlID="Button1" /> Reloads </Triggers> entire page </asp:UpdatePanel>
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Listing 7.6 Custom transaction control with setUserTransaction()
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Listing 8.9
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Hibernate Search addresses the first problem by allowing you to annotate which property and which entity need to be indexed. From them, and thanks to sensitive defaults, Hibernate Search builds the appropriate Lucene indexes and converts the object model into an indexed model. The fine granularity is a plus because it helps the application developer to precisely define what Lucene needs to process and in which condition. This getting-started guide did not show how Hibernate Search solves the relationship issue, because we have to keep a few subjects for the rest of the book. Don t worry; this problem will be addressed. The second mismatch involved synchronization: how to keep the database and the index synchronized with each other. Hibernate Search listens to changes executed by Hibernate Core on indexed entities and applies the same operation to the index. That way, the database and index are kept synchronized transparently for the application developer. Hibernate Search also provides explicit indexing APIs, which are very useful for filling the index initially from an existing data set. The third mismatch was the retrieval mismatch. Hibernate Search provides a match between the Lucene index field names and the property names (out of the box), which helps you to write Lucene queries. The same namespace is used in the object world and the index world. The rest of the Lucene query is entirely up to the application developer. Hibernate Search doesn t hide the underlying Lucene API in order to keep intact all the flexibility of Lucene queries. However, Hibernate Search wraps the Lucene query into a Hibernate query, reusing the Hibernate or Java Persistence APIs to provide a smooth integration into the Hibernate query model. Hibernate Search queries return domain model objects rather than Lucene Document instances. Beyond the API alignment, the semantics of the retrieved objects are similar
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Ajax handler and some of the utility methods provided by Rico. We will discuss the utility methods of Rico as the example progresses, but first let s take a moment to discuss the Rico Ajax infrastructure. The Rico Ajax capabilities are published via a singleton object available to the document named ajaxEngine. The ajaxEngine API provides support for registering logical names for requests as well as for registering objects that know how to process Ajax responses. For example, consider the following:
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WARNING Lucene is a dynamic project and its code changes constantly with mod-
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In Java, we implement inheritance using super- and subclasses. To illustrate why this can present a mismatch problem, let s continue to build our example. Let s add to our e-commerce application so that we now can accept not only bank account billing, but also credit and debit cards. We therefore have several methods to bill a user account. The most natural way to reflect this change in our object model is to use inheritance for the BillingDetails class. We might have an abstract BillingDetails superclass along with several concrete subclasses: CreditCard, DirectDebit, Cheque, and so on. Each of these subclasses will define slightly different data (and completely different functionality that acts upon that data). The UML class diagram in figure 1.3 illustrates this object model. We notice immediately that SQL provides no direct support for inheritance. We can t declare that a CREDIT_CARD_DETAILS table is a subtype of BILLING_DETAILS by writing, say, CREATE TABLE CREDIT_CARD_DETAILS EXTENDS BILLING_DETAILS (...).
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Pdf doc = new Pdf(); doc.setDescription(description); doc.setAuthor(author); doc.setTitle(title); doc.setKeywords(keywords); doc.setSubject(subject); return doc; }
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The request-response style of messaging is the kind you expect in RPC programming; you send a message and get a response. The one-way style tends to be used for asynchronous messaging; you send a message but do not expect a response. In addition, one-way messaging is frequently used to deliver XML documents, such as the Reservation document, rather than parameters and return values. However, both request-response and one-way messaging styles can be used with either RPC or document-style messaging. WSDL also supports two other messaging styles: notification (a single <output> and no <input>) and solicitation (a single <output> followed by a single <input>). Although WSDL makes these messaging styles available, they are not supported by WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 or JAX-RPC.
package jfxia.chapter4; package class PuzzleGrid { public-init var boxDim:Integer = 3; public-read def gridDim:Integer = bind boxDim*boxDim; public-read def gridSize:Integer = bind gridDim*gridDim; package var grid:Integer[] = for(a in [0..<gridSize]) { 0 } on replace current[lo..hi] = replacement { update(); } package var clashes:Boolean[] = for(a in [0..<gridSize]) false; package var fixed:Boolean[] = for(a in [0..<gridSize]) false; package var numEmpty = 0; package var numClashes = 0; package def completed:Boolean = bind ((numEmpty==0) and (numClashes==0)); public function fixGrid() : Void { for(idx in [0..<gridSize]) { fixed[idx] = (grid[idx]>0); } }
As the output shows, a ConcernRuntimeException that wraps a ConcernCheckedException is thrown.
Embeddable class with column mapping
Before CI, a build master or release engineer had a build machine and integrated your software there. They received the code from the team and created working software, ready for shipment. They did the same set of repetitive steps over and over again. The work was boring, it was error prone, and it took a lot of time. The release build was made infrequently. Often, it led to integration problems. Then someone came up with the idea of a manual integration build. With a build script in place, you can require developers to personally integrate new features or user stories into working software. But someone else thought about changing the adjective to create automated integration builds. One thought led to another, and the CI server emerged. Let s try to walk this path maybe it ll lead to the correct decision about how to establish your own CI server.
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