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persisted in their native XML format or converted to a relational format for storage in an RDBMS. To understand how XML can be used as an internal data format, we must distinguish between the XML data structures in your application s memory space and the concept of an XML document. The term document conjures images of a static file located on a file system. In fact, your application has little interest in such documents. Your application holds its data resident in memory, passing it from one component to the next and operating on it. At some point, this data may or may not be persisted to a storage medium, which could be a file (document) or a database. See figure 3.1.
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As we ve seen over the last couple of examples, there are two different types of objects in Objective-C. Class objects innately exist and each represents one of the classes in your framework. They can be sent certain types of requests, such as a request to create a new object, by sending a message to the class name:
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have to wait until you ve closed the final entry added to the zip file, before you can close the ZipOutputStream F. This example concludes our series of simple Hello World examples. You now have a solid first impression of how to use iText to create new PDF documents.
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lblProduct.Text = ddlProduct.SelectedItem.Text + "<br />" + description
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This results in an output message of
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User s Session ID
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Best of both worlds: using JavaFX from Java
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response.setContentType("text/vnd.wap.wml"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); XMLOutputter xOut = new XMLOutputter(); xOut.output( resultDoc, out ); Renders the transformed
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Not exactly the prettiest data output, but you get the picture of what it is going to do. In the next few sections, we will walk through the steps to get you from nothing to this level of functionality.
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15.3 Client-side validation with ASP.NET Ajax
Subversion client: TortoiseSVN
These constants and enumerations are pretty self-explanatory based on their Pascalcased names. UseDBVersion will be used to ensure that the application matches the database being used when multiple versions of each are available. The MatchPresent and MatchNone constants will be used for library item lookups. The two enumerations define codes that specify the type of library item lookup to perform (LookupMethods), and the security codes used to limit the features that a specific administrator will be able to perform in the application (LibrarySecurity). It s time to add some methods. The first method, CenterText, centers a line of text within a specific width. For instance, if you had the string "Hello, World" (12 characters in length) and you wanted to center it on a line that could be up to 40 characters long, you would need to add 14 spaces to the start of the line (determined by subtracting 12 from 40, and then dividing the result by 2). The routine uses a couple of the stringspecific Visual Basic functions (such as Trim, Left, and Len) to manipulate and test the data, and the integer division \ operator to help calculate the number of spaces to insert.
With per-object associations, an aspect instance is associated with each object matching the association specification. You can specify two kinds of perobject associations:
A Cartesian product allows you to retrieve all possible combinations of instances of two or more classes. This query returns all ordered pairs of Users and Category objects:
Integrating iText in your web applications
There s not a whole lot of reason to do this; you could just rewrite the constructor to accept the weight. In fact, it s generally a bad idea to have your member fields be public, as we ve said. However, this technique has some advantages with anonymous types.
19: Windows Presentation Foundation
Transactional Stateful Session Beans
<asp:Label ID="lblDescription" runat="server"> <%# Eval("Description") %></asp:Label> </div> Article description </ItemTemplate> </asp:Repeater> </asp:Panel>
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