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Where to store the index information and how to customize that with DirectoryProviders. How to properly normalize the text to be indexed and add new search features such as synonyms and phonetic search. How to not worry about indexing because Hibernate Search uses the Hibernate Core event model to list all the required changes and apply them in an optimized way. How to take control of the indexing process if the application requires it.
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Bypassing conversational state doesn t mean that a stateless session bean can t have instance variables or maintain any kind of internal state. Nothing prevents you from keeping a variable that tracks the number of times a bean instance has been called or a variable that saves data for debugging. However, it is important to remember that this state may never be visible to a client. The caller of an SLSB can t assume that the same bean instance will service all of its requests. Instance variables may have different values in different bean instances, so their state is likely to appear to change randomly as stateless session beans are swapped from one client to another. Therefore, anything you reference in instance variables should be generic and not leaked out through the API. For example, an SLSB might reasonably record debugging messages that might be the only way to figure out what is happening on a large server with many bean instances. The client doesn t know or care where debugging output is going. However, it would clearly be inappropriate for a stateless bean to remember that it was in the process of making a reservation for Madame X; the next time it is called, it may be servicing another client entirely. An SLSB used improperly might act a little like this:
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Application.DoEvents( );
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debug extraoptions failonerror keyfile listing outputfile resourcefile srcdir targettype verbose Debug flag on or off. [Boolean] Any extra options that are not explicitly supported by this task. [String] If true, fails if ilasm tool fails. [Boolean] The name of a file containing a private key. [File] If true, produces a listing; default is false. [Boolean] Output file. [File] Name of resource file to include. [File] Source directory containing the files to be compiled. [File] Type of target, either exe or library. [String] If true, enables verbose ilasm output. [Boolean]
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Figure 7.5 A simple gauge shows the ease-of-use of the Dashcode parts.
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An interface defining those parts of the Abstraction that might vary
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Decrease the size of the viewport so that it s in the range of 480 640. Adjust your CSS to use relative values instead of absolute values. Zoom in to the column with the text using the initial-scale viewport property. Note that you probably want to do this if you re highlighting the core content of a page.
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Listing 20.13 The FluentForm Save method
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In this example, you use the PdfSignature dictionary to create a detached PKCS#7 signature, as opposed to PKCS#7 signatures where the data is encapsulated in the digest. Before you preclose the appearance, you also need to estimate the length of the signature s content.
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Interoperating efficiently
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Creating dynamic applications
Next, we have to implement the BindModel method by following the steps laid out just before listing 14.3. First, we retrieve the request value from the ModelBindingContext C passed in to the BindModel method. The ValueProvider property can be used to retrieve ValueProviderResult instances that represent the data from form posts, route data, and the query string. If there s no ValueProviderResult that has the same name as our action parameter, we won t try to retrieve the entity from the repository D. Although the entity s identifier is an integer, the attempted value is a string, so we construct a new int from the attempted value on the ValueProviderResult E. Once we ve the parsed integer from the request, we can create the appropriate repository from our IoC container F. But because we have specific repositories for each kind of entity, we don t know the specific repository type at compile time. However, all our repositories implement a common interface, as shown in listing 14.4.
We now need to look at how database identity relates to object identity in Hibernate, and how database identity is expressed in the mapping metadata.
If you don t specify a list of stop words, Lucene uses its own predefined list that s suited to the English language. The list is a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, if, in, into, is, it, no, not, of, on, or, such, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, to, was, will, and with. Even if you plan to index texts in English, take a deep look at this list. None of these words will be present in the Lucene index. If you plan to index numerous documents discussing countries and their differences, of in Republic of China might be useful. Start with the list provided by Lucene and adjust it to your needs.
Starting a Hibernate project
Introduction to Ajax-enabled controls
Figure 11.3 The navigation tree initially proposed. This design allows users to quickly access different areas of the system. The main drawback of this design is that the user is required to remember order numbers between screens.
Recording, playing, and accessing video
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