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This led to an attenuated testing programme to meet the cost and schedule constraints, thus inevitably increasing technical risk. (From Beagle 2 ESA/UK Commission of Inquiry Report, April 5, 2004, Page 4)
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Printing in Windows |
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Networking and web services
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Imagine that we are developing an employee management system. One requirement of the system is that it be capable of changing an employee s home address. Additionally, the system must be designed with high fault-tolerance limits in mind, so this operation must be idempotent.3 If we were to implement this algorithm as a session bean that employs EJB2 CMP entity beans for representing the Employee and Address domain objects, our code might look like that in listing 2.5.
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Remember, the greater the number of segment files (.cfs), the slower searches become, so be sure to optimize. How often you optimize depends on several factors, but this tab will help you determine how often you will need to do it. For more information about optimization, check out section 9.3.
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Implementing thread safety
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// Called after bean has been activated } public void ejbPassivate() { // Called before bean is passivated } public void ejbRemove() { // May be called before bean is destroyed } public void setSessionContext(javax.ejb.SessionContext context) { this.context = context; } }
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Using the <c:forEach /> and <c:out /> JSTL tags, calendar-ww.jsp iterates over the calendar model object to display the contents of each grid square. This is where your CalendarModel pays dividends as the iteration code is pretty simple to understand.
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To complicate matters further, you might want to increment a variable and assign the results to a second variable:
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protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!Page.IsPostBack) { if (ScriptManager1.IsInAsyncPostBack) { // Perform some extra logic here.... } } }
EJB implementation class diagram
JavaFX Script: a quick reference
Intents and Services
Solution to Exercise 13-2. Implement that interface and test it by creating a class ProgramHelper that implements IConvertible. You don t have to write methods to convert the string; just use simple string messages to simulate the conversion. Test your new class with a string of fake code to make sure it works. In this exercise, you ll actually implement the interface that you derived earlier, although your code doesn t need to do anything more than say that it s converting the string. The string we used in Run( ) is just dummy text representing a string of VB code. In Run( ), we pass the string to the ConvertToVB( ) method, and then pass it back to the ConvertToCSharp( ) method. Example A-35 shows the way we did it.
Dim newItem As Windows.Forms.ListViewItem = _ AuthorsList.Items.Add("John Smith") newItem.SubItems.Add("Illustrator")
Accepts AreaRegistrationContext
Converts text source files to local OS formatting conventions, as well as repair text files damaged by misconfigured or misguided editors or file transfer programs.
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