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public Command getExitCommand() { return exitCommand; }
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If you ve used CMP 2.0/2.1, you re familiar with the concept of a managed association (or managed relationship). CMP associations are called container-managed relationships (CMRs) for a reason. Associations in CMP are inherently bidirectional: A change made to one side of an association is instantly reflected at the other side. For example, if we call bid.setItem(item), the container automatically calls item.getBids().add(item). Transparent POJO-oriented persistence implementations such as Hibernate do not implement managed associations. Contrary to CMR, Hibernate associations are all inherently unidirectional. As far as Hibernate is concerned, the association from Bid to Item is a different association than the association from Item to Bid. To some people, this seems strange; to others, it feels completely natural. After all, associations at the Java language level are always unidirectional and Hibernate claims to implement persistence for plain Java objects. We ll merely observe that this decision was made because Hibernate objects, unlike entity beans, are not assumed to be always under the control of a container. In Hibernate applications, the behavior of a non-persistent instance is the same as the behavior of a persistent instance. Because associations are so important, we need a very precise language for classifying them.
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In this chapter, we discussed the basic theory of transactions, transaction management using CMT and BMT, basic security concepts, as well as programmatic and declarative security management. Both transactions and security are crosscutting concerns that ideally should not be interleaved with business logic. The EJB 3 take on security and transaction management tries to reflect exactly this belief, fairly successfully in our opinion, while allowing some flexibility.
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For example, if the object exposes an event called initialize, it has two methods called add_initialize and remove_initialize. These methods are responsible for adding and removing event handlers for the initialize event. The Application object, which we introduced in chapter 2, exposes some events, one of which is init. The Sys.Application object has two methods called add_init and remove_init.
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How you handle a bad index is up to you. For the purposes of this example, we ll assume there aren t any. However, you ll see how to deal with these sorts of errors in 16. The set accessor checks to make sure that the index you are setting already has a value in the ListBox. If not, it treats the set as an error. The way this class is set up, you can add new elements only with the Add( ) method, so it s illegal to try to add one with set. The set accessor takes advantage of the implicit parameter value that represents whatever is assigned using the index operator:
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(entryForm.getInvestmentChoice().getSelectedIndex() == 1) && !(entryForm.getSymbolField().getString(). toUpperCase().endsWith("X"))) { Alert symbolAlert = new Alert("Check Symbol", "Mutual Funds end in 'X'", null, AlertType.WARNING); symbolAlert.setTimeout(Alert.FOREVER); displayMngr.setCurrent(symbolAlert, entryForm); } } }; CommandListener commandListener = new CommandListener() { public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d) { if (c == entryForm.getExitCommand()) { destroyApp(true); } else if (c == entryForm.getGetCommand()) { if ((entryForm.getInvestmentChoice().getSelectedIndex() == 1) && !(entryForm.getSymbolField().getString(). toUpperCase().endsWith("X"))){ Alert symbolAlert = new Alert("Check Symbol", "Mutual Funds end in 'X'", null, AlertType.WARNING); symbolAlert.setTimeout(Alert.FOREVER); displayMngr.setCurrent(symbolAlert, entryForm); } else if (entryForm.getSymbolField().getString().length() > 0) | displayChartCanvas(); } } };
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Session Bean (BugAccessor)
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XSLT Processor XSL Stylesheet Parser Output from Stylesheet 1
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581 reordering pages 141 142, 178 using selectPages 179 replacement text 510 replacePushbuttonField method 243 resizing images 53 resolution of images 53, 338 339, 528 resources 7 dictionary 166 page dictionary 86 page resources 433 restore graphics state 60, 62, 86, 460 restoreState method 460, 464 ResultSet 22, 26 reverse Polish notation 453 revisions 401, 403, 427 RGB color 318, 465 Graphics2D 482 rich media 545 activation 554 annotation 548 558 assets 553 command 558 configuration 553 content 553 deactivation 554 instance 553 settings 553 RichMediaAnnotation 553 reuse 554 RichMediaExecuteAction 555 right to left 366, 373 Rivest, Shamir and Adleman. See RSA role map 512 rollover appearance 233 root certificate 395, 402 dictionary 429, 434 451 rotation 468 images 54 page rotation 160, 442 text 69 text in a PdfPCell 105 rounded rectangle 133 roundRectangle method 459 row height 103 span 95, 99, 109 RSA 404 rubber stamp annotation 224 RUPS 433
Every time you fill out a form, you need to create new PdfStamper and AcroFields instances. Inside the AcroFields object, iText will create a TextField object for every text and choice field that s encountered. This is an expensive operation: the original form is read and every property is copied into the new TextField object. You can get a significant speed advantage if you create an empty HashMap B and use it as a cache for these objects with the setFieldCache() method C. The first time iText has to fill a form, an entry will be added to the cache for every text or choice field that s filled. This entry will be a key-value pair consisting of the field name and a TextField object. The next time the form is filled out, iText will fetch that TextField object, which will then be used to create a new appearance based on the new value that was filled in with setField(). In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust the appearance of a text field.
Built-in templates
Fortunately, the SiteMonitorWidgetImpl can process ad hoc updates. You re already set up for this because you re overriding the onReceive method. When the onReceive method receives an Intent with an Action equaling SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.UPDATE_WIDGETS, the widgets are updated on the home screen. So, now all you need to do is sort out how (and when) to update the underlying data. Beyond the AppWidget built-in scheduler, there are basically two mechanisms for periodic updates. The first approach is to create a Service that periodically performs an update. The other approach is to set an Alarm that triggers the update on a recurring basis. Let s take a brief look at both strategies.
JavaScript for object-oriented programmers
Using Quartz 2D for drawing Understanding context, paths, and state Using Core Animation Learning about OpenGL ES
The program fills the rectangle with a pair of nested for loops, iterating through each column in each row. Thus, the first element filled is rectangularArray[0,0], followed by rectangularArray[0,1] and rectangularArray[0,2]. Once this is done, the program moves on to the next rows: rectangularArray[1,0], rectangularArray[1,1], rectangularArray[1,2], and so forth, until all the columns in all the rows are filled. Just as you can initialize a one-dimensional array using bracketed lists of values, you can initialize a two-dimensional array using similar syntax. Example 10-6 declares a two-dimensional array (rectangularArray), initializes its elements using bracketed lists of values, and then prints out the contents.
11.3 Creating a new class in Xcode
Set criteria on full-text query
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Figure 13.6 Calling AddHistoryPoint updates the URL with the state of the page and adds an entry to the history log.
Employee employee = new Employee(); customer.setAddress(new Address()); customer.getPhoneNumbers().add(new Phone()); // create them all in one entity manager invocation entityManager.persist(employee);
10: Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento
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