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The program uses Image::Magick to manipulate the images and the standard Perl module Getopt::Long to process the command-line options. The options we look for are the geometry specification for the scaling (see Geometry, on page 277 for a full explanation of possible values), and the directory into which the thumbnail images should go. If the directory does not yet exist, the program attempts to create it. After processing the options, the program will loop over the remaining commandline arguments, treating each as a file name. It attempts to read these files, and if that fails (i.e., $rc has a true value) it prints a warning and continues with the next file. IMAGE COLLECTIONS AND THUMBNAILING 101
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Before we leave this topic of responders behind, we d like to mention that the first responder is a very important concept. Because this first responder is the object that can accept input, it ll sometimes take a special action to show its readiness for input. This is particularly true for text objects like UITextField and UITextView, which (if editable) will pop up a keyboard when they become the first responder. This has two immediate consequences. If you want to pop up a keyboard for the text object, you can do so by turning it into the first responder:
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Platform A Messages
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When the AspectJ compiler detects a write access to a static field, it gives a compiletime error, as follows:
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Notification fields
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A9.com, Amazon portal 424 absolute position property, CSS 516 ActionScript, in Flash 28 Adapter pattern 79 Sarissa library uses 105 add/delete windows command 462 addFeeds() of RSSReader object 553 AddHandler() 376 addItem() in RSS feed object 538 Ajax as a separate tier 162 as Dynamic HTML 4 defining principles 17 definition 4 handling 405 increments of implementation 65 injecting behavior 401 key elements 32 request/response cycle 406 sending 402 silent process 475 using full page posting 488
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Figure 2.1 When considering EJB for an application, you want to balance the application s complexity against the capabilities of EJB. Application 1 has a number of loosely coupled components and relatively high scalability requirements, but is not transactional and does not have many asynchronous API needs. It would probably not be a good fit. Though application 2 has few asynchronous transactions, it s a much better fit for EJB, in terms of complexity.
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PersonalizationStateInfoCollection userResult = PersonalizationAdministration.FindUserState( null, UserNameTextBox.Text );
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Although you can use the @EJB or @Resource annotation to inject resource instances, you may still need to look up items from JNDI in several advanced cases (if you are unfamiliar with JNDI itself, check out the brief tutorial in appendix A). You can use the @EJB or @Resource annotation at the EJB class level to define dependency on an EJB or a resource. There are two ways of using programmatic lookups using either the EJB context or a JNDI initial context. We ll look at both methods. Recall from our earlier discussion that you can look up any object stored in JNDI using the EJBContext.lookup method (including session bean references). This technique can be used to accomplish one extremely powerful feature that DI cannot accomplish: using lookups instead of DI allows you to determine which resource to use dynamically at runtime instead of being constrained to using static configuration that cannot be changed programmatically. All you have to do
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10.1.4 Loading classes
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In Example 5-15, the value of the counter variable is incremented each time through the loop. Within the loop, the value of counter is compared with the result of modulus 10 (counter % 10). When this evaluates to zero, the value of counter is evenly divisible by 10, and the value is printed in the righthand column.
All the relationship annotations we saw in chapter 8, including the @ManyToOne, @OneToMany, and @ManyToMany annotations, have a fetch element to control fetch modes just like the @Basic annotation discussed in the previous section. None of the relationship annotations in listing 9.8 specify the fetch element, so the default for each annotation takes effect.
Defines network packet to be sent
9: Security and Personalization
WebPartVerb editVerb = new WebPartVerb( "editVerb", new WebPartEventHandler(HandleEditClick) ); verbs.Add(editVerb);
Private Sub GroupName_Activated(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Activated ' ----- Return the focus to the main field. If (StartingOver) Then RecordFullName.Focus( ) StartingOver = False End Sub
One-to-one unidirectional relationships normally use a fairly typical relational database schema in which one table contains a foreign key (pointer) to another table. In this case, the Employee table contains a foreign key to the Address table, but the Address table doesn t contain a foreign key to the Employee table. This allows records in the Address table to be shared by other tables, a scenario explored in Many-to-Many Unidirectional Relationship on page 187.
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