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4.1.2 Persistent objects
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There s a complete range of annotations that are used to visualize text edits: Caret annotations, StrikeThrough annotations, Squiggly annotations, and so on. These annotations are typically added by a human reader using Acrobat. You could add these annotations using iText, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the library: iText is better suited to adding annotations in an automated process. The examples that follow are based on my experience and they re selected to inspire, rather than to give a complete taxonomy.
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Table 14.5 PDF Graphics state operators (continued) iText method Parameters Description
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Appendix B: Copying a Web Site
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Whenever any method of this EJB is called, the LoggedInInterceptor runs and validates that the user is logged in. If the user isn t logged in, the interceptor returns the login outcome to JSF. You can also check for the logged-in token on a page for example, if you have to decide whether the Logout button should be rendered:
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public void setPriceData(String priceData) { this.priceData = priceData; } }
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The interim variable is useful only for debugging; there is no other reason not to write:
class Plane { public string Identifier { get; private set; } }
Changing outlines into named destinations is one of the more exotic requirements I ve encountered. A more common situation where you may need low-level access to a PDF involves forms.
PK", employee);
Initiate the content loader
We looked at a few useful development tools in this chapter.
Using cryptography and shared secrets
After drawing the first circle, you move your virtual pencil to the point where you begin drawing the arc of the second circle, which is 240, 50.
As we explained, the @Interceptors annotation is fully capable of attaching more than one interceptor either at a class or method level. All you have to do is provide a comma-separated list as a parameter to the annotation. For example, a generic logger and a bidding statistics tracker could be added to the PlaceBid session bean as follows:
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