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CreateItem Properties
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27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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ALTER TABLE GeoNames_CA ADD ZCTA nvarchar(255) NULL. GO
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4. Which of the following features is not configurable through the Routing And Remote Access console a. Dial-up networking b. Packet filtering c. Internet Connection Sharing d. Active Directory 5. Which of the following is a requirement for networking on a Windows Server 2003 network a. DHCP b. Network protocol c. WINS
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In a Windows network, a connection is a logically configured interface between a physical network and a network adapter or modem. You can view the connections cur rently configured on your computer by using the Network Connections tool in Control Panel.
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Use Add/Remove Windows Components to install IIS on DC1, as you did on IIS1 in the section Configuring the Initial Test Lab.
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Integer addition and multiplication tend to be faster than floating point. Changing a loop index from a floating point to an integer, for example, can save time. Here s an example:
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FigURE 1-4 Choosing the location of a new website that will use IIS.
Figure 12-1
Page 10
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Specifying an expiration date will prevent new instances of data collection from
Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
in kilobytes per second (KBps) or megabytes per second (MBps). For example, a 640-Kbps DSL connection might download les at 60 KBps from a fast Web site, but a 1.5-Mbps cable Internet connection might download at 180 KBps from the same site. (Some of the bandwidth is used up by transmission overhead and inef ciencies.) When you compare network speeds, make sure you re using the same units of measurement.
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