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Consider this code: puts "This is a test".vowels.join('-') If you try to execute this code, you ll get an error complaining that the vowels method is not available for the "This is a test" object of class String. This is true because Ruby doesn t provide that method. Let s write an extension to the String class to provide it: class String def vowels self.scan(/[aeiou]/i) end end
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assume that you need to perform aggregate bitwise activities on these bitmaps. I just want to introduce the techniques for cases where you do find the need to use them. Bitwise OR (|) is usually used to construct bitmaps or to generate a result bitmap that accumulates all bits that are turned on. In the result of bitwise OR, bits are turned on (that is, have value 1) if they are turned on in at least one of the separate bitmaps. Bitwise AND (&) is usually used to check whether a certain bit (or a set of bits) are turned on by ANDing the source bitmap and a mask. It's also used to accumulate only bits that are turned on in all bitmaps. It generates a result bit that is turned on if that bit is turned on in all the individual bitmaps. Bitwise XOR (^) is usually used to calculate parity or as part of a scheme to encrypt data. For each bit position, the result bit is turned on if it is on in an odd number of the individual bitmaps.
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What Service Broker Isn t
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certificates requires a certificate file exported from the private key certificate . This file is exported with the BACKUP CERTIFICATE command . If the initiator and target are located on different systems, the file must be transferred to the opposite server perhaps through a remote file share or e-mail . However, in this case, the initiator and target are in the same instance, so it is just written out and then read back in from the same file . Also notice that the trustworthy flag was set to OFF, so if this service works, it is because of dialog security . Run the AddItemProc to ensure that security is working correctly:
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Configuring Adjacent Broker Protocol Connections
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public abstract class Delegate { // Construct a 'type' delegate wrapping the specified static method. public static Delegate CreateDelegate(Type type, MethodInfo method); public static Delegate CreateDelegate(Type type, MethodInfo method, Boolean throwOnBindFailure);
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Then run the following code to turn the session option on and invoke a query:
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Note With such tiny tables as in our example, SQL Server will typically choose to scan the whole
intercepts and eliminates it for you. The Junk E-Mail Filter scans incoming messages to determine their content and structure, and even tracks messages that look suspicious and disables any links that might lead you to a potentially dangerous site. When a message arrives that Office Outlook 2007 suspects might be a phishing message, a notification alerts you, and images and links in the message are disabled until you approve them.
Tracing AJAX Applications
Within a process, there are a few methods that you can call to monitor the garbage collector . Specifically, the GC class offers the following static methods, which you can call to see how many collections have occurred of a specific generation or how much memory is currently being used by objects in the managed heap:
Getting Started with BBP
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Language C++ C#
Configuring Zone Properties and Transfers
3. A user on Subnet C can connect to resources on the company extranet in both branch offices, but connectivity to the Cortland branch is slow. Images often do not appear on extranet pages hosted at the Cortland branch.
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