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RegisterTypeIfMissing(typeof(IRegionManager), typeof(RegionManager), true); RegisterTypeIfMissing(typeof(IEventAggregator), typeof(EventAggregator), true); RegisterTypeIfMissing(typeof(IRegionViewRegistry), typeof(RegionViewRegistry), true); RegisterTypeIfMissing(typeof(IRegionBehaviorFactory), typeof(RegionBehaviorFactory), true); } }
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What you ll find in this chapter:
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Add the WebDAV Publishing role service to IIS. In the IIS Manager, add a WebDAV Authoring Rule to grant your user account access to Read, Write, and Source for the new website. Enable WebDAV on the server.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Class LabeledTextBox Inherits TextBox Public Property PromptText() As String Public Property PromptWidth() As Integer Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal output As HtmlTextWriter) output.Write( _ "<span style=""display;inline-block;width:{0}px"">{1} </span>", _ PromptWidth, PromptText) MyBase.Render(output) End Sub End Class
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SQL> break break on deptno page nodup on job skip 1 nodup SQL> Note that you don t use any commas as break definition delimiters. As you have seen so far, you can define breaks on columns or column expressions. However, you can also define breaks on two special report elements: ROW forces breaks on every row of the result. REPORT forces a break at the end of your report.
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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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Problems detected by the System Con guration Checker must be corrected before installation can continue. For even more details, click the View Detailed Report link. data matrix generator
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Managing User Profiles
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Inserting New Records
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Improving Compile-Time Type Safety with Explicit Interface Method Implementations
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Part II Solutions
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