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In the code above, objects of Circle may be serialized . However, the formatter will serialize the values in the object s m_radius field only . The value in the m_area field will not be serialized because it has the NonSerializedAttribute attribute applied to it . This attribute can be applied only to a type s fields, and it continues to apply to this field when inherited by another type . Of course, you may apply the NonSerializedAttribute attribute to multiple fields within a type . So, let s say that our code constructs a Circle object as follows:
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switch ( pixelColor ) { case Color_Red: statement1; statement2; ... break; case Color_Green: statement1; statement2; ... break; default: statement1; statement2; ... break; }
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1. Navigate to the Settings area, click Customizations, and then click Customize the System to launch the default solution. 2. In the default solution, click web resources in the left navigation pane to view the existing web resources. 3. Click New to launch the New web resource form.
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Filtering the Data Shown in the SiteMapDataSource
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Spring and Hibernate
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FIGURE 3-5 The extended Divide operator
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Figure 10-13 The chart basis is hidden here . code 128 font
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Under most circumstances, you should avoid calling any of the Collect methods; it s best just to let the garbage collector run on its own accord and fine-tune its generation budgets based on actual application behavior . However, if you re writing a console user interface (CUI) or graphical user interface (GUI) application, your application code owns the process and the CLR in that process . For these application types, you might want to suggest a garbage collection to occur at certain times using a GCCollectionMode of Optimized . Normally, modes of Default and Forced are used for debugging and testing . For example, you might consider calling the Collect method if some non-recurring event has just occurred that has likely caused a lot of old objects to die . The reason that calling Collect in such a circumstance may not be so bad is that the garbage collector s predictions of the future based on the past are not likely to be accurate for non-recurring events . For example, it might make sense for your application to force a full garbage collection of all generations after your application initializes or after the user saves a data file . When a Windows Form control is hosted on a Web page, a full collection is performed each time a page is unloaded . Don t explicitly call Collect to try to improve your application s response time; call it to reduce your process s working set . The GC type also offers a WaitForPendingFinalizers method . This method simply suspends the calling thread until the thread processing the freachable queue has emptied the queue, calling each object s Finalize method . In most applications, it s unlikely that you ll ever have to call this method . Occasionally, though, I ve seen code like this:
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Dial-up networking scenario
resources such as mutable data structures, you simply have to synchronize access between threads. Qt provides the usual inter-thread synchronization primitives: QSemaphore provides synchronization for a specific number of identical resources. QMutex provides a mutually exclusive lock for a specific resource. QReadWriteLock is similar to QMutex, and is useful in that it distinguishes between read and write access to shared data, permitting multiple readers, while ensuring that only one thread is writing to your data. QWaitCondition permits one thread to wake other threads when some condition has been met.
There is a company that was not heeding this important warning . On their Web site, users could create new accounts by selecting a user name and a password . The Web site then took the password String, called GetHashCode, and persisted the hash code value in a database . When users logged back on to the Web site, they entered their password . The Web site would call GetHashCode again and compare the hash code value with the stored value in the database . If the hash codes matched, the user would be granted access . Unfortunately, when the company upgraded to a new version of the CLR, String s GetHashCode method had changed, and it now returned a different hash code value . The end result was that no user was able to log on to the Web site anymore!
Figure 34-1 Programs can be divided into levels of abstraction. A good design will allow you to spend much of your time focusing on only the upper layers and ignoring the lower layers.
For PPTP connections using Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication
To get only two levels of managers of employee 8 using the Managers function, run the following code:
An ASP.NET page has a defined life cycle that determines how ASP.NET will process the page, call events, and connect data to the page. A server control is a control that you program by writing server-side code to respond to events from the control.
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